Wizard Wands/Staves Suck?

Do you think that wizard wands and staves suck? Their damages aren't even as high as other weapons such as swords and other random melee weapons that I don't think was intended to be the Wizard's primary weapon throughout the game.

I have even heard that at high levels, the Wizard still faces these same problems; staves and wands are just too low on attack. I think that they should just make Wizards not able to use those weapons, or just have "magic damage" be a different thing that is separate from normal attack damage on melee weapons. That's what they did with D2 and I don't know why they changed it.

A wizard's best weapon choice should not be a melee weapon.
Wands tend to give you wiz-specific opt like +arcane power/+ arcane power on crit or something similar. Its easier to loot other weapon types since wand is only one of many kinds of weapon, thats all.
While it's true that wands can give you +AP, higher-damage weapons can make your existing AP better by making your spells do more. And while it's cool for a while to wield swords and big hammers and all this madness, eventually it starts to look a little silly.

Wands/staves need "x on cast", IMO.

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