Question about some mid-nightmare skills

If you were using:
Breath of Heaven/Blazing Wrath: +15% dmg
Guiding Light passive: +16% dmg
Mantra of Conviction/Overawe: +48% dmg for 3 secs, then +24%

So it seems like in those first 3 seconds, you could have +79% damage? Is that correct?

Also, a very early passive (Resolve) is described as "Damage you deal reduces enemy damage by 25% for 2.5 seconds." What does this mean? Any enemies you hit have reduced attack damage? Or all incoming damage is reduced by 25% whenever you make contact with any enemy? Or all incoming damage is reduced by 25% of the damage you do?
1) Any stat like damage increase or damage reduction is not additive. So instead of +79% damage you would have 65% in increased damage (after the first three seconds of Overawe).

2) Damage reduction is intended to be for the attacked target and it is a percentage of the damage they do.

Hope that helps.
Thanks - that answered exactly what I was wondering.

65% increase is still not too shabby. And you can still avoid the "glass cannon" pitfall by loading up on dex and getting the passive where your armor is increased by 100% of your dex.
May I know how do you get to 65%? Thanks
05/24/2012 02:25 AMPosted by SpecK
May I know how do you get to 65%? Thanks

1.15 * 1.16 * 1.24 = 1.65416 --> 65% damage increase
Ahh thanks for the calculations.

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