Whirlwind barb setup?

Ok so im in act3 Nm and have decent gear,(two good 1 hand mighty weapons along with good armor.) I have been triying different skill builds to play right and ive been having trouble finding the right combination. Basicly i want to know what is the best way to use ww? Btw im lvl 45 and i am diying a decent amount.

It seems even with invigorate and ignore pain i still dont have enough defensive skills. I use weapons master also wich gives +3 extra fury every hit i do with my weapons.i have about 5% life leech with my armor and weapon but it dosent seem to give me much life when i attack.
Whirlwind + Sprint.

The runes don't really matter in Nitemare, but for your level do Wind Shear and Gangway respectively.

I may be one of the very few people who use Sprint, but I can tell you that it was made to be used with Whirlwind.

For passives, pretty much go straight defense and you'll be fine. Tough as Nails, Nerves of Steel and Brawler.
So gangway makes it so you knockback enemys when you ww on them?

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