50 wizard great gear cant solo nightmare ...

without dieing a million times, what am i doing wrong?? please help!
05/22/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Cyne
without dieing a million times, what am i doing wrong?? please help!

Need more info bro, mainly your damage, weapon and build.
Pretty sure you're doing something wrong. When I hit lv51, I bought a weapon for my wiz for like 10k. Then I went back to nightmare to farm a bit, realized that the dps boost made everything trivial. For specific champion mobs, just kite a little and you should be fine.
When I was level 50 I sat in Nightmare spamming Chain Lightning to kill everything.
Always getting the latest weapons and armors with high int/vit bonus will make a huge difference. Getting a new weapon every couple of levels makes a dramatic difference. Like from level 50 to 52 2 handed weapon is like about 60 extra dps. Then it keeps getting higher and higher... and when you reach level 60 weapons will do anywhere from 600-1300dps
By the end of nightmare i had like 15000 health and 2000 DPS on my wizard. Against bosses and difficult packs, I would abuse venom hydra and things like diamond skin and mirror images.

You'll get more mileage out of your wizard with a slow 2H weapon and burst damage abilities. You want to be able to keep moving, but when you do stop to do damage - you want it to count.

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