Some help with my monk (Inferno)

So I just killed The Skeleton King. It was a long fight, but I finally got him. I know, and everyone knows melee is pretty underpowered, and I just need some help from my fellow monks out there. First, here is my build... I switch it around, but this is what I used for the Skeleton King.!YdZ!ZYbYZa

Here are my stats. They're pretty bad, but hey... this is why I'm asking for help.

1054 DEX
2117 ARMOR
11491.69 DMG / 1.89 Attacks per Second
Critical Hit is 5%, Bonus is 50%
24,321 Health
41% DODGE w/o Mantra of Evasion
Resistances are bad, but highest is 152, minimum is 92... fails...

I dual wield obviously, but as you can see, I'm geared pretty bad. I just need some advice/suggestions on where I should farm for gear, what stats I should build on. I usually look for Dex and Resistance now, but judging from my stats, I hope one of you out there can help me out.
Need to farm act 4 hell, or act 1 inferno. I just started act 2 and im getting destroyed with 40k hp, 27% block (2-3k), 5.8k armor, 42% dodge with mantra passive, 330 resist, and 8.5k dps.

Go buy some gear with dex/vit/resist of your choice, and use one with everything. stack one resist till you have a ton so it shares. get more hp, and a shield.

Build isnt bad though just some prefrence options.

Shoot for my stats by the time you reach the butcher maybe more dps i hit enrage like 3 times. Then farm the butcher for the rest of your life because act 2 normal mobs 2-3 shot me.
Alright, sounds good. Thanks!

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