Shield Bug

Bug Report

I'm at hell act 1... cemitery... until that everything was ok, then TADÃ!!!!!
I found one skeleton that has minions with shield! Cool huh?

No not cool... shield never goes OFF!!!!! how im able to kill something that is immune to everything??????

I have used all Demon Hunter skills on them and nothing turn of shield or do damage to them....
How about that????

What should I do??? R.I.P? -.-

Did they have Shield, or did the boss have Immune Minions. They are two different abilities and Immune Minions means you have to kill the boss to defeat the minions.
Some bosses have immune minions. Ignore them, tank them somehow off. And focus the big one.

It's not a bug.
OMG as Demon Hunter this is kinda impossible them -.-

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