Wizard: Force Armor - Invulnerable minions

Bug Report
Having Energy Armor on with Force Armor rune I should take only max 35%/hit according to the tooltip, I'm still getting one hitted atleast against act2 caster mobs (those resser ones, cant recall names) at Inferno difficulty.

edit: Seems like its messed up with melee attacks aswell, getting hit for over 9k when I have 14k health. Mortars and all magical projectiles does 26k easily too.

Also when kiting Invulnerable minions far away from their leader, then killing the leader after you respawn, the minions doesnt despawn. This happened at Cathedral at act1.
Force Armor was hotfixed to absorb at most 100% of your HP; the logic change happened server-side, the tooltip change will be performed in an upcoming patch.

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Cheers, I just dont understand why they cant fix the tooltips while they are adjusting the skills.
I believe its because tool tips require a client sided patch not server sided like the hotfixes

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