Auction house stole my gold

Bug Report
I just bought a ring for 17k and it doesn't appear in completed. No refund either.
Same here it was annoying. lost 40k. AH is currently down right now, so maybe they are fixing it.
I wish I had 40k to spend, lol. I bought a gold find item to help.

It went up, I bought it and it doesn't even show up on my purchase list, brother has same problem except his just showed up on his purchase list but no items.
Also realised the 2 items I put on AH disappeared
well i sold an armor (290k), i clicked "send to stash" then got nothing
I bought 100k wep and is gone
same here. bought a pair of boots for 50k. it was shown in the completed list with the order id and all, but no boots in the send to stash window.
i cant send item to stash~OMG
Same AH problems too. three items at the same time
order id:97163354 purchased-bid
order id:97153894 sold
order id:97125196 purchased buyout
An item I sold was purchased by someone via "buyout" option.

I never received the gold or even option to send it to stash.

Must have been snatched by those pesky Treasure Goblins....
i just bought 5 items 100,000ish in total and they are not in the completed section they appear on the log that i won them but i dont see them or i am able to acces them please help im poor :/

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