ready for hell?

Demon Hunter
ok so I just beat diablo on nightmare and I wanna know if I'm ready for hell or if I should farm some more.

DPS: 4.2K with out sharpshooter
health: 22K
armor: 1252
Around 20-30 resistance overall
1.68 attackspeed
act 1 hell is really easy. i had way less hp but about 2k more dps
With that much hp you could probably tank it.
Im level 50 and I have 17k health and 2.1k dps and iv been moving through act 1 pretty easily. Im sure once I get to act 2 I wont be able to do anything as it gave me a lot of trouble in nightmare.

I can't see how people get such good gear... Even farming in nightmare I was only getting low 40s gear. Never anything my level. It seems like I have to hit up the AH to stay up with my gear cause nothing my level drops.

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