SIGN here for Hardcore Trading Forums

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A hardcore trading sub-forum is something I'm surprised we don't have already.

+2, don't forget to request the sticky
Thanks in advanced blizzard.

... and also a HC trade channel in game please.
double post o0 lag maybe, ma bad
bump~ want to see this happen
One thing that works out alright in the wow forums, there's a single mass-trade thread for TGC stuff. I think they've filled up about 9 threads to max so far. So in the interim, perhaps something like that could work for HC? Rather than just waiting for Blizzard. That and if it's busy, perhaps they'll be more apt to make a sub-forum.
I agree, I'm more old school trade items vs items/gems/stuff i need than using AH for gold.. it break the community spirit Imo.

make it happen !
even though blizzard hates petitions... :3

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