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There already is one.

lol. I would rather stay off JSP as much as possible.

To the top!

What do you think would happen to a trading forum here? It's the same people with all the money, whether they hang out here or on jsp. The reason I started going over there is because that's where the money and best items are. Also, if there were a HC trading forum officially sanctioned here, then Blizz wouldn't get their 15% cut of HC gold (which is actually worth something, unlike SC).

edit: just went to check it out. JSP's site is much better and has a larger audience. No point in splitting the trading up imho.

I like the idea.
Thump up

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Hello hardcore community!

Rizzo here, just hoping to get some people to sign this thread so we can have our own separate trading forums

also, this is a great idea
signed forsure
signed for the love of all things demonic.
Get us a forum, d2jsp experience was awful.

-Posted a price check, get spammed 10 lowball offers.
-Rules say ignore pm offers and just rely on the actual offers in the sell thread, you make a sell thread then people complain that you ignored their private messages.
-Wanted to use d2jsp to get a mediator and prevent scams, but they only allow it if forum gold is involved.

I'm probably not the first to mention this, but no voice gets heard by a CM in these parts. You should go to the GD and complain about how this hinders your softcore play, somehow, and makes it challenging for you. Then, to be sure that you'll get bright-screen liked for your post, go on a ten paragraph rant about how this game was supposed to make you feel "awesome", and that goal hasn't been achieved because they made content difficult.

It is interesting that EU already has this feature in a forum called Trading [Hardcore]

It is interesting that EU already has this feature in a forum called Trading [Hardcore]

they need to give us a trade forum simply for the fact that EU alredy has one.
Signed yo

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