Does the Witchdoctor seem out of place?

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The only problem is that he's supposed to be a Nephalem? That doesn't make any sense. He's got his own spiritual thing going on already. Same for the monk to some degree.
From a concept point of view I really like the witch doctor.

The way the character talks and moves all make sense. I also like how the male WD is misshapen. It does fit the class perfectly.

The class also fits well into the lore. I was expecting the druid in LOD to be more like the WD of today. Maybe we will see some jungle levels in the D3 expansion (dahlgur oasis was too small as only jungle level)? Always had a love - hate relationship with A3 in D2.

The spells of the WD are a double edged sword. Stuff like the bears is just ... weird ... That doesn't necessarily mean bad. Just strange. The WD feels abit like a creative experiment.

I personally like that but some people might prefer good old solid mechanics.

I have to admit that I also don't feel comfortable with the WD at inferno.

The DH (to me) feels much more versatile and refined (gameplay wise) than all the other classes at endgame. That's probably just my imagination though.

Also (on the race debate) the male monk is clearly east indian and the wizards have strong east asian traits. So no, not all the characters are "white europeans".
05/30/2012 06:25 PMPosted by Vyndare
Also, summons are weak in inferno. Worthless.

This is really the only issue I have with the Witch Doctor. I absolutely love playing mine. However, at inferno level, my Gargantuan gets one shotted by EVERYTHING. The zombie dogs as well, but OK they are understandable. But the Garg should be able to tank a LITTLE bit in inferno. This definitely needs to be fixed, and would make the WD a more complete and viable class in inferno.
Tested some gears and stuffs with pets in inferno, it works if you are willing to put the gold into it, just got enough gold for act 1. Still I think, it would be better with more details about pets stats, but well, since Inferno spike damage is going to be nerfed.

Frankly at the classes announcement, demon hunter is the one that totally felt out of place to me. I love the WD, he isn't cocky or tries to hard to be hardcore unlike many of the other classes. In diablo 2, I couldn't even play a Necromancer, it was just terrible and boring. Glad necromancer was just a sidequest reference that really all it deserves.


Are you referring to how the witch doctor looks (physical appearance + armor options) or how the hero interacts with other characters in the game and progresses with the story arc? Or is it all about gameplay, and what spells the witch doctor has in its arsenal?

This is just anecdotal, but I've experimented with all five classes on various genders, too, and the witch doctor (female) is my absolute favorite in terms of how she engages with the main the characters and responds to conflict, so I'm curious about what just doesn't "click" for you.

/eagerly waiting your response

As far as gameplay goes, he lacks the beefyness of a barb / monk, yet still has many many close ranged spells that will get him 1 shot in inferno.

Also, summons are weak in inferno. Worthless.

Also compared to the buffs that Wizards and DH have, having to be in melee range to use soul harvest is messed up mechanic wise at the moment.

It worries me that the way you use "normal people" means "people like us." You're implying that people who use voodoo or have that kind of culture are abnormal...which is exactly the sort of perspective that Blizzard feeds in to when creating these stereotypical characters.

Do you realize what kind of things they do in terms of "voodoo?"

It can be very strange stuff, stuff most people would consider strange if not disturbing.

This just supports my claim that the only non-white character is engaged in very abnormal behavior, identifying "non-white" with "abnormal." This is the core of racism.
I like the looks and skills of the class, I love his quirkiness but my only problem with this class is:
This is a guy that summons horrible creatures from the underworld and makes them explode, throws curses, does voodoo magic, sacrifices stuff, harvests the souls of his enemies, I mean this guy is really !@#$ed up to mess up with this kind of magic, in real life he would be scary as hell but they decided to go with this really bland "good grandpa" personality, he even speaks really slow, I wish they'd go for a bit more wicked personality, just as his looks and skills.
Playing my Witch Doctor (that I love) aesthetically through conversation he did seem out of place, being a super calm mild mannered know it all fountain of wisdom..

But I enjoyed that fact, thought it made him unique.. Good thing rather than a detriment..

Although I do worry about his drug use, that is common in the shaman and witch doctors of such tribes.. He shakes something awful on the character select screen.. But hey, if that rare plant that melts your brain allows him to talk to the spirits and blow up demons, more power to him.
05/30/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Pavi
? Now, I'm not saying these are necessarily bad things but damn they seem out of place when the world is is in peril and you have Barbarians cleaving demons in half with giant swords while the WD is doing a rain dance to make frogs splatter over the ground.

That's a very cogent observation, but perfectly in tune with the company behind it's design. Blizzard has always been very tongue-in-cheek with regards to their game design.

Remember what used to happen when you clicked too much on one of your forces in Warcraft/Warcraft II? Remember what occured if you spam-clicked on a sheep/seal in WC2?

Mages Polymorphing others into Sheep? Yeah, that's Warcraft, not World of Warcraft.

So if something seems wierd and zany, it's business as usual for Blizz. I'll concede, jars of spiders isn't quite the same as tossing out spears made from bone (comparing WD to Necro), but it's all in good fun.

Take the storyline! I like the stories behind each class, and why they went in search of the 'falling star'. When I saw the Witch Doctor's..well, let's just say it would have been funny if instead of finding Tyrael, they found a Coke bottle =P
Yeah I liked the WD concept a lot, and this was the first character that I completed Normal with. I've since done so with a Barbarian, and I also have a Monk and Wiz (both at 20) and a level 10 DH.

I think the DH is too "young" to make a call on yet, but here's my issue with the WD compared to ther other classes: I never really "feel" powerful for some reason. Sure I can wipe out huge numbers of enemies with a well placed SH+ Firebats or rain of acid, but for me it lacks a certain visceral feel of destruction.

With my Barbarian using his 2Hander and Cleave with Rupture, I frickin' feel like Sauron at the bginning of Fellowship of the Rings. I charge or leap into a group of enemies, start swinging, and stuff just starts exploding. I love it! Similarly using Electroctue on my Wizard just lights up the bad guys before they can ever reach me. Or using Shock Pule with Explosive Bolts has this AWESOME popcorn effect on enemies. One dies and explodes which makes another die and explode and on and on. YES!!

I've less experience with the Monk, but she still feels like a badass pulling in enemies close and then THUNDER KICK TO THE FACE!!

I really don't know why the WD isn't giving me that same sense of satisfaction as the results are the same, but there it is.

This just supports my claim that the only non-white character is engaged in very abnormal behavior, identifying "non-white" with "abnormal." This is the core of racism.

Victim complex much? Lots of bad things have happened to alot of people since time began, it hasn't all happened to you or your race/culture/language/gender/occupation/sexual orientation/height/weight/dexteral orientation/shoe size.
Of course it doesn't feel right..

You're playing a doctor in the world of swords and magic.
I feel the Witchdoctor is out of place, but it's mainly a story perspective. I understand Sanctuary is supposed to be a fully realized 'world' with lots of cultures and traditions. But for me it feels out of place. Every other person you meet fits the dark 'medieval' fantasy stereotypes in one way or another. Barbarians are your warriors, you have a ranger, a magic user, and a priest.

The Monk does feel out of place in his own right though. But it is made up with the fact that he has an entire act where he feels right at home. He pretty much works in that setting.

I understand that the Witch Doctor is supposed to replace the necromancer, but the feel is entirely wrong for the Diablo universe. If I was going to draw any parallel it would be the addition of space faring alien race visiting a medieval fantasy setting (Don't get me wrong, I love Draenei, it's just they could use a bit more coercion and the spotlight to explain them a bit more).
Lyrilla... Please do not let the whiny vocal minority ruin the class for those of us who are really enjoying it. Blizzard should have never had forums for this game (or any game), these people are for the most part nuts and do not actually PLAY THE GAME. They just spend all day creating rant posts.

I love the Witchdoctor, I love the play style, does it need some tweaks here and there? Sure. It absolutely does not need an overhaul. There are way too many people that have lazily glommed onto the 'there are only two viable WD builds' crowd. In short they are wrong, very wrong.

Please remember that most of the people who bought this game and play it regularly NEVER COME ON THESE FORUMS. These forums are poison.

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