Does the Witchdoctor seem out of place?

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My biggest dislike with the WD are the primary skills. They all make sense to me except the spiders and frogs seem like they took the right idea and made it work the wrong way. The frogs seem ok. You can make them work out like above Spirager stated w/ the frogs if enemies are up on you you can use frogs for close quarters. I would mostly like to see some change with the spider primary spell. Throwing a jar of spiders and they just kind of hang in the same spot and do some damage? Either the spiders need to get more aggressive in seeking targets or the ability could use a change. I was thinking about it and maybe it could be a spider/web type spell. Like initially it could launch/fling some webbing at target and 'wrap' around it to cause slow and some damage? Maybe it could have runes like launch/fling web, it wraps around target, and baby spiders hatch from the webbing on the target to cause more damage? You could implement venom and other things into the runes too. Maybe a web can be placed on ground? We know blizzard can make something like this happen bc the spiders in aranae caverns do it. So why not have spider ability mimic spiders in cavern and then take the next step in its abilities? Just a thought.

P.S @ Lylirra- the WD female is my favorite class to play too..:)
I think the WD class is the most unique compared to the others. However, this class is probably the least unbalance class with nearly most of its abilities render useless in inferno. Haunt/lust is alright but they're just not very efficient from my experience and view of videos of it. Two of the most "efficient" build so far are currently the tank (LoH/Life regen) build or dps. However, there are two tragic flaws to them. For the tank build, you sacrifice much damage for defensive purposes. It takes nearly forever to kill any elite beyond Act 2. Monks/barbs that are just as tanky can dish out more damage. For the dps build, it suffers beyond Act 2 of Inferno (zombie bear requires you to be at fairly close range & darts aren't dependable when a group of mobs that can 1-2 hit kill you comes at you). Also, with the nerf on IAS, it really putted a stomp on the dps build.

Pretty much sums up my opinion as well.
WD is a reference to a mob in D2, on the act3.
Wile I enjoy it's presence, I miss the necromancer.
Still I understand why they don't keep all the previous characters... it's a new game.

I named my WD Enkidu. I tried to copy the original Enkidu's ability to die easily to powerful enemies multiple times in a single game.
WD is a reference to a mob in D2, on the act3.
Wile I enjoy it's presence, I miss the necromancer.
Still I understand why they don't keep all the previous characters... it's a new game.

I named my WD Enkidu. I tried to copy the original Enkidu's ability to die easily to powerful enemies multiple times in a single game.

My male WD is named BooUrns.

"Did you say boo or Boourns?" <-Some1 will probably get this reference. lol...
After playing a little bit of every class, I have found that the Witchdoctor seems really out of place in this game, as if he doesn't belong at all

Anyone else feel this way?


Are you referring to how the witch doctor looks (physical appearance + armor options) or how the hero interacts with other characters in the game and progresses with the story arc? Or is it all about gameplay, and what spells the witch doctor has in its arsenal?

This is just anecdotal, but I've experimented with all five classes on various genders, too, and the witch doctor (female) is my absolute favorite in terms of how she engages with the main the characters and responds to conflict, so I'm curious about what just doesn't "click" for you.

/eagerly waiting your response

Really? What is it you like the most? All the useless skills? or the long CD's? How bout spamming darts 90% of the time?
Maybe I am comparing too much to the classes of old though.

Yes! Embrace the weirdness, Witchdoctors rawk!

Of course they don't fit in. They're freaks. And it's cool that way.

Aeeaaghhhh!!! *Throws man-eating spiders and breathes fire*
I hate playing with the Witch Doctor. They crowd a screen already crowded with enemies with even more little critters running around.
06/01/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Lylirra
I think you'd have less hating on the WD, in general, if our zombie dogs and gargantuan didn't require fairly specific and fairly rigid gearing requirements to be viable.

While the intent is for witch doctors to re-summon Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan fairly often, we agree that pets aren't living long enough in higher difficulty levels. Of course, the harder difficulties are supposed to be more challenging, but we don't think it's fun gameplay to cast Zombie Dogs, watch them die almost instantly, wait for the cooldown to reset, re-cast Zombie Dogs, watch them die almost instantly...etc. And this is happening even when players are wearing pretty reasonable gear.

We're looking into ways to improve witch doctor pet survivability at later levels, but we don't have any clear plans to share just yet. One thing we're considering, though, is having pets scale with your Vitality (which they currently do not do).

I've done some pretty serious stress testing as to what is necessary to keep pets alive. So far it requires some of the following stats.

1650ish resist all (only possibly attainable with barb buff)
8500 armor (stacking armor + strength + barb buff)
1100 life regen (fairly easy to get honestly)

I currently only do about 20k dps. While it is low I am a great party support as I'm a damage reduction agent, and controlling class. While it's slightly less than glorious I do fill a pretty cool roll, but at the cost of some very intense stat stacking.

Gargantium can live forever almost with these stats
Zombie dogs live pretty well. About as well as I fell like they should. Though the lack of ability to control zombie dogs is very disappointing. Also they die to desecration/arcane lazors almost instantly still even with all of this stacked.

I've went through great lengths to stress test a WD at it's fullest potential, and while I think a vitality scale will help, I would like to have some input on some ideas that I have that could help balance/appropriate WD summoners.

First make what I experience in terms of survivability scale to pets at about 5k armor and 900 resist all. That is still impressive amounts, but aren't absolutely ridiculous to get.
In terms of character survivability, it takes way too much to kill me. About 7 seconds standing in the middle of a arcane lazor in act 3. While this much def to make pets viable is pretty fun I think this will create more problems than good, especially in pvp, considering we can control people like no other and then will be virtually unkillable imo.

If you scale Vit do not scale at 100%. For every ounce you scale vit you also should scale life regen accordingly as this is really about the only way of healing your pets. Personally I think a 30/30 buff would be appropriate at a first glance.

Lastly make life regen scale with pets, without the need of the passive ability. Some regen on pets is so needed and getting a passive just for a decent chance at healing your pet if you stack a ton of gear is kind of depressing. That or give the passive a buff in terms of how much stats that do scale, scale with the pet.

Anyways, I'd love to see summoner spec become viable. So far I feel like I've achieved the closest thing to it which is still somewhat lacking. If me streaming, or making a few videos to demonstrate what I experience as an endgame summoner would help please let me know and I will do what I can.

Any interested WD's feel free to add me if you have ?s: n8dahwg#1252
I love my witch doctor but for me. He just looks to bright colored for the setting. The other characters armor seemed More dark and bloodish. While the witch doctor seems to colorful which gives me the out of place feel. The WD looks darker in the art galleries but looks more bright green and bright purple in the game. Some armor not so much but most of the time he just looks to rainbowish
For me it's all about the shoe's .. my WD runs around barefoot .. even though he's amazingly rich. So out of place. When in rome ... ect.

I'm not a fan of the summons. Great idea but too sad they go bye bye too quickly as there hacked by the mobs. Another really bad point for me is the over the top GFX from there skills. It gets hard to see what the hells going on sometimes with WD GFX's clashing with mob GFX.

So they are my least fave class. They do fit thematically, but need work IMO.
I loved the WD spell previews and trailers so much I rolled it as my first class. The mana system and CDs kill all creativity.
At very least, make witch doctor fun to play. I'm pretty sure WD has the least players ( based on BLizzard's statstistic). If people wants to choose caster class, they'll choose Wizard, If they want DPS class, it's DH.
I chose WD because they'er the first class introduced back then and not so cliche as DH and WZ but mana system ruins everything.
Make the LoH also heal the pets themselves is a terrible idea. It would make both WD and pets almost Invicible. I've tried CC build before...and some of my stats were:

Minimun All Resists 860;
6K armor;
14k DPS;
690 LoH;

And I was using Firedogs and Stinky gargantua runes for process LoH. And I can afirm: My WD is were invicible "as long my pets were live". And even in act 3, some kinds of elites took a good time to kill them. If I were on a party with barb and he activates Warcry (armor + all resist rune), it made my pets invicible to everything BUT some monsters that gives ONE HIT great damages (like that ones that protects themselves using their arms).

One idea for those who wants pets processing LoH for themselves: Make Fiercy Loyalty make 100% benefit HP Regen, Thorns and LoF for Pets, BUT, there´s one penalty: LoH won't heal the WD anymore and u take a 50% (or more, i don't know) penalty on HP/Mana Regen. It would make their survivability increases very well but the WD will need pay more atention on skills like exploding freezing balls, arcane rays etc. and even melee atacks etc...

if everyone agrees that Fierce Loyalty has only onw function - make the pets more durable - than one idea like this would make them very durable and also making the WD pay more attention around him. I Think it would balance the relationship between WD, Pets and LoH/Hp Regen without make the class Overpower, keeping the game challenging.

I love the way the WD are now but i also agree Pets needs some attention cuz their survivability are very limited for those who wants play solo. But also i think we need give some suggestions that BALANCE the class/pets and not simply bring only benefits for the WD/pets class.

PS: sorry my english ^^

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