Act 2 normal question

Guys how I can kill Belial at normal as a wizard level 24? First wave I can smack first wave in like 10 second and bring down human form of Belial in may be 1 -2 min... But demonic form I just can't kill - my best result I took him down to 20%... Here is what I am using primary electrocute - chain lighting rune, secondary - ray of frost (with second rune) ... passive skills prodigy - evocation other skills on the bar blast and wall of force....
Basically what I do - I get in most right side and blast belial with frost ray till I run out of power, they switch onto chain lighting to refresh power and of course hit here and where frost armor with shell and run back and forth to pick up health orbs. Oh yeah, I am also using cleric as a merc with full healing spec except for 3rd skill. My base damage is 136 with magic weapon I am clocking 165, I have 147 vitality
The most important thing is to watch for the health orbs in the middle. After 20 attempts on normal (I know) I realized I could just stand on the orbs and fire away. Used diamond skin right before I got blasted with the fists and firebombs, and depended on hydra to keep up damage while I was dodging around. Used blur to mitigate some of the fist damage.
Awesome, I never thought of standing on the orbs... after god knows how many attempts, I've finally defeated Belial. Thanks so much :-) Keeping up diamond skin was a must for my wizard along with ice armor. I used electrocute and ray of frost for damage.

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