Hungering arrow Scatter shot

Demon Hunter
So I have looked over a few builds post here and I don't see to many people using this rune. It is hard to tell how well it works in the heat of battle.

From what I can tell I see that it splits but those arrows no longer seek out targets. It is hard to tell but of the three arrows it looks like at least one of them may still, but the other two keep going strait.

Any one that can confirm this. If all three arrows did seek I think it would have to be my main attack. For fun below is my current build for a level 50.!YeT!bbbaba
I'm currently waiting for my connection to stop being awful long enough to test it out for you, but I will offer you this until I can get you a positive answer:

It doesn't matter. Hungering Arrow is not an AoE and shouldn't be used as such. Devouring Arrow seems to be an amazing option for us from HA and adding some AoE to Hungering isn't the best use of our generator ability. Get your AoE from Impale or EA( Ele Arrow) and use Hungering to max your damage against single targets when you need to use it.

EDIT FOLLOW UP: If it splits, the main arrow continues like normal. The two new arrows fire along left and right angles of the split arrow and aren't guided or capable of splitting. Long story short, it's bad.
cool thanks

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