My Monk Build: Thoughts Anyone?

My Current Monk Build with focus on max protect/dodge:

1: Breath of Heaven w/ Circle of Life - Big Heals
2: Sweeping Wind w/ Fire Storm - I've found to be very useful for big mobs to keep a constant dps
3: Serenity w/ Ascension - Long Immunity
4: Mantra of Healing w/ Boon of Protection - Essentially I spam this ability in combination with Serenity to provide a constant protection from damage. Not to mention the boost in heals is great as well.

Left Click - Fists of Thunder w/Lightening Flash - Boost in Dodge
Right Click - Wave of Light w/ Explosive Light - Emergency knockback with effective damage

Passives - Sixth Sense (30% of Crit% to Dodge) The Guardians Path - (15% boost to dodge if duel wielding) Resolve (Reduce Damage by 25% to any mob being attacked last 2.5 second but very effective if your keeping constant dps)

Would like to add that I am not sure of my dodge percentage when fighting but just standing still I have a 46% dodge. Its quite funny seeing dodge pop up rapidly on my screen :)

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