"A Quick Study" Achievement Bug

Bug Report
I have been having an issue with "A Quick Study" where I can not log the achievement for obtaining Leah's 7th Journal Entry, as well as other journal entires that I have logged in my journal. Originally I thought that I was simply missing the book, but I have checked my Journal to confirm, even tried listening to the entry again to get it to register.

This issue just isn't confined to the 7th Journal Entry either. Its also bugged on a number of other entries as well such as serveral of Leoric's journal entries as well.

Link to my lore screen, where you can see a number of the lores I have: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/Shaotin/Diablo%203%20Errors/AchiBugLore.jpg

Link to my achievement screen, where you can see that the lores are not registered:

As an additional note, I do believe that this may be in part a result of when all of the achievements were reset accidently by Battle.Net during the first few days of gameplay. I also know that the requirements themselves are not broken, as I did manage to aquire Leah's Journal 6 earlier today and it did record. (I missed it on my run in Normal, got it in Nightmare)

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