Trouble with Hunter here.

Demon Hunter
Any tips on what gear i should get? im Level lvl 38 about to hit lvl 39 atm and im geting one shot by everything): and it sucks when your solo so any tips on armor i should be looking for? or something Dx

Here are my stats atm

Help ;-;
You need to get that dex up, I say buy some rare bows for cheap... like 10k can get you a 180dps 1 hand bow... buy some cloak and pants with sockets and throw vitality and dex flawless squares ( by from AH dont craft) in them. In act 2 the merchant sold me rings that had 3-5 damge with a socket for more dex or vit gems. That should get you going
Thanks man this is probaply gona help alot:D cant wait for servers to go back up now!
I have a demon hunter lvl 41 and I had similar issues when I first entered nightmare mode because I was going all in for Dexterity. I had to start sacrificing some dex for Vitality. When I came to a good balance of VITALITY and DEX things were ok. Now I just need to find a good build for skills...
Rare does not mean better. Take an item that has more dex/vit even if it's blue. And why do you have such strange gems in your items? Amethyst in a bow? Topaz in pants? Emerald in helm? Read what it does before inserting into a socket. I recommend either ruby/emerald for weapons for dmg/crits depending on your other items. Then Ruby for helm for exp or Amethyst for helm for % vit, again depending on gear. Also stop dual wielding if you find a 2h that does more dmg. Just use the compare stats to go off of every item you find because the game is playing for you at that point.

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