Diablo 3 Rollback not going through?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is normal or not, as the rep I spoke to via the phone quoted me a "20 minute" wait time for my account to get rolled back after the initial GM response and my giving permission to them, but I've been waiting for my account to get rolled back for, oh, 2 days and 6 hours now since the last response I got. I was hit by the same issue that seems to be affecting a lot of people, logging in only to discover all of my items and gold missing. I'm not here to split hairs about how it happened, I just want to know if anyone else has received their rollback at all yet? And if so, how close was it to the point of the "hack"? I'm very anxious to get back into the game I bought two copies of.
Same @@XX! happened to my friends and me a lot. The game is ok, I am just afraid GM did it intentionally. One of my friends received a level roll back.
We are in China, maybe because some times we use VPN, but anyway. this is still !@#$.
There's a huge backlog of rollbacks. It's going to take a while.

Since they have to roll you back from before you were hacked, you're going tobe a few days behind.

Oh, yeah, and the character updates are pretty infrequent.. so you're almost certainly going to be lower level, without the gear you lost, anyway.
uh oh, i played like crazy the last two days and went to 60

i hope im not any lower then 50... lol

i asked for my rollback this morning at 9am
Also waiting, asked for rollback about 6 hours ago
i too have been waiting for a rollback...happened yesterday mid day
waiting for 8 hours now
Been waiting two days
The 'I think i got hacked' tickets specifically say not to play while waiting for a rollback.

Also check if vipcat is in your recently played list. This name has come up often and needs to be made public by as many people as possible.

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