A few pointers for my build (inferno)

This is the current build I have to solo inferno


I have 5.5k HP and 1132 Life per second regen and ~12000 DPS

This build I soloed all of inferno Act 1 but it was kind of lame. I was kiting non stop and i felt like I wasn't pushing off enough dmg to be effective. My build is based off complete survival since I can spam mirror images and teleport. It works especially sexy against Vortex and Jail prefixes since I can escape jail with mirror images and they can target and usually target my images for their vortexes. But I want to be able to push out more dmg, especially in act 2 where mobs have more health and move all over the place but I dont know what to do. I tried eliminating blizzard from my build and used a bunch of others AP dmg abilities but not having that blizzard snare felt soooo bad.

Any help I will greatly appreciate it. Also I want to know what builds I can use for a group comp, something that also pumps out a lot of dmg
I think Frost Nova is underrated. Its very nice to have something to just say "stop" and get some space.

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