Inferno Problems - needs fix

Bug Report
Hi all, I will make this very short, as it is very simple.

Act 2 inferno is almost impossible without farming act3+ gear pure tank with heavy +800 dps weapon - we all know that now.

Reason behind it:
Act 1 inferno mobs lvl 61 (armor not very efficient)
Act 2 inferno mobs lvl 62: (ignores armor)

So.. thats why you farm resist, best 600+ to be able to "tank" the hits.

Act 3 inferno mobs lvl 63
Act 4 inferno mobs lvl 64

There are people geared with the most insane tanking gear found to this date from the act 3 + 4 farming by the ranged classes - and these people get 3 shottet by trash mobs in act 3 (with immense amount of HP and +800 resist and all defensive build)

Now tell me blizzard and Jay - how is inferno meant to be soloable for a barbarian if the only way he progress through act 2 is to get act 3+4 gear - which cant make the cut in act 3 and act 4.

Ty for the response beforehand - leveling a DH now.

BTW: THE FIX Go back to all mobs being lvl 61 in inferno - WHICH IS WHAT YOU BLOODY TESTED YOURSELF

(if you agree please copy paste this post again to get their attention)

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