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Seemingly a lot of players are getting #37 when trying to log in. I sometimes get 37 but most of the time i get 73 'There is a temporary outage in service'

Anyone else getting theese ? Im kinda worried the problem might be on my end. Since i dont read anythign about it here. Neither does is seem to be a 'common error' from the sticky.
Still getting 73. I either instantly get 37 or it gets stuck at authenticating for a second and then disconnects me because of error 73
Same here.....
Same here... I think it suspicious and ironic it's the same numbers but other way round.
OMG been trying this for 20 mins.. error 37 and error73.. if the servers were going to be down allot they should have released a offline version of the game!!!!!

Rant over.. back to trying to log in... :(
Additionally I can't help but think this is poor from blizzard! I only want to play single player!
same here.....does anyone knows what is this? :/
Blizz !@#$ed up the engUS logins to EU last night, so Euro engUS users reinstalled to the engEU version. Now there are probably too many engEU users for the server to handle. gg.
I am getting error 73 and 37 all the time, !@#$ blizzard!
i guess that this is from the EU server. i connected on the americas server just fine.
when i try EU (on which i usually play) i also get 37 and 73
This is just stupid!! I was kicked off the servers while i was playing damn single player?! then tried to connect again, but continually got error 37 and 73. This is plain stupid, why the F... did Blizz even think this would work? They had 10 years to think about it and now its all wrong. Others and I just want to play single player, last I checked - other games didnt need to be connected to a stupid server...! FIX IT YOU DAMN MORONS OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!

I don't usually suport this kind of rage, but in this case, I agree with you 100 percent!

Its all Blizz's fault for making it online only... I mean, wtf Blizz? Its a SINGLE PLAYER GAME mostly... SINGLE!!!

I dont join chat channels etc., cause I dont want to play another WoW... I want my single player experience. I admit, its nice to join into a friend's game, but that doesnt mean online play should be mandatory, but optional. Seriously, all the things Blizz does to prevent piracy, end up hurting paying customers like myself and millions of others. So the piracy exists, and now I should be its victim, because I do not support it? Great job, Blizz, you really nailed it this time. And Im afraid it will only get worse. Since theres no subscription to D3, Blizz will not care very much, because they already got our money when we bought the game. Another epic fail. Sky is the limit though, right?
Same here, I play on Europe and can't log-in getting these errors all the time.
It's f*cking annoying...
Well these guys just failed to predict usage I guess. And now they have servers and software that just can not handle the demand :). This is the same if you sell 1000 tickets for a theater that can host 100 guests. Generally this should be highly illegal, but I guess they have assured this is covered in the end user license :). Well good luck.
I am trying it for more then 2 hours and if i dont have error 37 I have 73, why also single player needs connect!? Damn Blizzard, they should use their brains or have better servers...
I honestly think that this is because of authenticator.
My friend keeps trying to log in and get error 73/37 all the time.
I only get error 37 like 4-8 times, and then it logs me in, and I do not have authenticator.
If you really want to play, I'd suggest you to take your authenticator off, untill they come with a fix.

Reply if it works please! :)
i dont have authenticator
I dont have authenticator, and it dont work..

the crap !@# problem is that it is only EU that dont work

US works just fine..
So is it a matter of luck to log in, or we should stop trying ?

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