Legendary 1h weapons with magic find?

Items and Crafting
I know of the WD only dagger that has a boat load but what else is there from any range that gives even the slightest bit of mf?
gull dagger? ... oh wait
If only. Seriously though, WTB Magic find search in AH for weapons.
I found a 1hander legendary with 25% MF... and since im a big noob i sold it for 35000 gold.. since dps was bad xD and yes WTB MF on AH search engine.

could somone give me an estimate price on that kind of 1handeR?
the three hundredth somethin has MF, just look up 'three'
-sun keeper
-the three hundredth spear

sad this game promote so much playing solo with the added bonus of merc giving 25% MF bonus... compared to party play...

This game is so broken, I'm waiting for the update where people actually play in public game and don't hide in private game, until blizzard can't increase the public game count, I'm out.

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