How is monk now? Is it worth to lvl to 60?

My monk is lvl 57, is it worth to level up??
I mean you are already almost done. Might as well go to 60. It also depends on your dedication and player ability. I think Byron puts it best in his guide:

The State of The Class
Desipite the difficulty, I believe monks are currently well balanced. Inferno is, as bliz stated, a bit too spikey, but otherwise it is challenging but fair. Ranged classes certainly feel overly strong at the moment, but a quick glance at their skill trees versus ours makes me believe that this is a gear issue. End game skills are those that scale with gear/stats. We have these in far greater number than any of the ranged classes. Our spirit generators provide a huge DPS boost that other classes do not have. As a result ranged, DH and Wiz in particular, have come much closer to their max damage potential more quickly due to the ability to ignore defensive stats...but they are quickly capping out in damage. Our damage and defense scales exceptionally well with our gear. Yes, monks are more gear dependent, but once you build the gear up, you can faceroll anything using any spec/build you want (don't believe me? go back to Act I and run around).

Summary: Ranged is around 70-80% of potential endgame, melee closer to 40-50%. Ranged is easier to get to end game with worse gear, and therefore cheaper. Current best items for monks will run 5million (ish) per slot, that's just where we are.

Best of luck to all you fellow monks,

You can find the rest here:

But for me resonantly I really love the monk class, yes it is harder then wiz/dh but I believe later on the gratification will be much higher. I doubt the two other classes will stay on top for too long as monks catch up in gear.
Frankly, a lot of the issue is that there's 2 types of monks: dps monks with lots of dodge/resist AND tank monks with shields/dodge/resists but low dps. So...many people think of melee as only tanks. But since dual wield monks and 2h barbs are tearing it up out there, melee is proven to do quite well at dps.
Oh, and note that a dps monk still has lots of dodge & resists, which means they can still "tank"; just not as well as a say, a shield barb. You'll want to notice the following:
Monk - Game Guide:
Skilled monks deliver rapid-fire attacks unarmed or with a variety of well-balanced weapons. In combat, they emphasize high maneuverability over staying power, darting in and out of melees and avoiding protracted slugfests.

Monk - Game Guide:
Monks possess peerless tactical mobility on the battlefield. Any monk is able to quickly move between or around enemies, flanking them or striking at their vitals as the situation demands, and defense-focused monks are more adept at dodging enemy attacks than any other class.

What all this means is, monks can tank. However, because they're meant to be dodge machines with higher dps than traditional tanks, they won't last long on a protracted fight. As a result, you'll want high dps to make those fights shorter.

Monks who insist on using a shield will do less dps and therefore decrease their survivability.

Anyway, to answer your question...yes, it's very worth it.
I see... 5 million eh...
Again diablo is a game that takes months/years to gear out. If you want to gear out asap role through inferno and be done I do not know what to tell you. Ether way its hard and they will come up with some way to slow down the other classes.
I disagree that there are two types of monks, suicide and low dps tanks.

I am quite tanky with about 18k dps, works quite well.

Compared to other classes, yes, monks probably have to spend more money in the AH to get gear for Inferno. Is it doable? Totally.

Go for it, and may the monk be with you!
I've seen monks who solo inferno quite successfully. I myself am just about to start inferno, and I'm a little nervous. I recently acquired a lot of resist armor, and have been doing more than ok in hell, but inferno is an entirely different ballpark. That being said, it's still quite doable, and if you enjoy playing monk, as I do, go for it. You're hardly far from being done.
05/30/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Uuna
Again diablo is a game that takes months/years to gear out. If you want to gear out asap role through inferno and be done I do not know what to tell you. Ether way its hard and they will come up with some way to slow down the other classes.

That would be fine if it were possible to farm the gear.
It isn't.
The only viable option is to farm gold, and then AH.
(example: No amount of farming gear from Act 4 Hell will ever prepare your Monk for Act1 Inferno)

If you're enjoying monk, go for it, but realize your gear will come from ranged who have cleared higher content than you and are posting it on the AH. (Or possibly melee who bought gear from them and are now clearing also)

Ding Ding Ding. This sums up all the problems with melee classes. We need GOOD gear from act 3-4 just to clear act 2. And this gear costs absurd amounts of money. So basically we have to pay Wizards and Demon Hunters to farm for us.

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