Here's how to survive Inferno A2: eHP

Demon Hunter
To not get one-shot, you have to focus on eHP: *Effective* Health Points:

eHP = HP/(100% - Damage Reduction Percentage)

I have an eHP of 63k, which endures most melee attacks.

Just a simple division from the number on your health globe and the percentage you get when you hover over *Armor* in your Inventory Panel.

If you want to afford to take a blow, **select equipment wisely** by using eHP, not HP, not resistance, not armor, but a combination of those: one number: zero controversy: eHP -- the amount of damage you can take before you die.

the easiest way is to just try armors on and calculate each eHP.

But what about auction houses where you can't 'try on' stuff?

Well, here's the genius behind the idea of eHP, and, *more Math* -- Original post by TBD:

TBD is in the process of making a online flash app that allows you to enter numbers to compare equipment. In fact, TBD already has an app to tell you how much Vitality is worth how much Armor! -- If you ignore resistance. get the link on TBD's post.

Extended stuff:
1. what gears in the AH should I look for?
this guide to killing inferno bilial by stwy
contains the recommended equipment stats for enough DPS in Act II at least.

After making DPS tolerable, you can now concentrate, or even compromise a little, for survival. (lucky me, all I did was put the 'vitality' gem on my helm, quiver, a ring and pants)

2. farming gold for your equipment
(and farm survivability upgrades from farming *rare*)

this guide by jeffChapek on farming Inferno Act I's warden and butcher (lots of Act II demons deliver more damage per hit than the butcher, you *have* to be able to take butcher 'fan of hooks'):

Other than getting lots of gold piles from 300 to 1200 each, a 5-stack NV will get you increased number of blue and rare drops from the warden and butcher (say 5 blues 2 rares per boss...)

3. I've tried at least 8 times, but the Hell Whimsyshire's average gold pile is way below that number. It could be more productive for you for being easy and fast.

4. Auction house tips:
play around with the search engine to find the cheap quality stuff you want
play around with the search engine to find out if your loot will sell, then sell cheap, at least at first: you don't want to be stuck on 5 unsold items for 2 days.
well I guess it's intellectually easier to just pick a side on Vitality versus Resistance...

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