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I live in, and play from Texas. I'm also getting the update loop.

I'd appreciate any insight or advice. Thanks!

Edit: It has apparently resolved itself. Tried again during lunch break, and my launcher downloaded something this time; now it just says that the servers are offline (which is expected since it's scheduled).
Yay, have to go through with this !@#$ every single time there's a new patch? Blizzard, what happened to you? I once liked you.
Fn'a gotta wait until 2pm to play if you're on the East Coast... Better be a good patch.
its not, its nerfing stuff, taking out bugs which have made people rich, and further delaying any real response from blizzard. so for 98% of us its a time waster. lag isnt goingto be fixed ANYTIME soon, blizzard arnt even aware of the problem, and even if they are, they wont tell you its their fault, because then THEY would have to fix it.
I am also in Texas and having the Patch loop error. I could play yesterday and not today. None of the options posted from the OP, or the troubleshooting listed in Patch support pages from Blizzard have helped.
Actually the patch hasnt realeased yet. here is the schedule
The Americas: 5:00 a.m. PDT to 11:00 a.m. PDT
Asia: 8:00 p.m. PDT to 2:00 a.m. PDT
Europe: 1:00 p.m. PDT to 7:00 p.m. PDT
This works perfectly.

However, the servers have to be UP in order for things to work, so take that into consideration. :P
What a bawss you are!
PLan 2 here!
plan 1; flawless
much appreciated!
Did this fix (plan 2) and SOMEHOW, my language and server selections were Nothing & Spanish Servers.

When I fixed it, I get booted and 2.5 GB of content disappeared which I'm stuck downloading now.

yeah option 2 definitely seems easier

thanks alot worked for me instantly as well.

Anyone who said it didn't work for them either didn't have the same issue you described, or did it incorrectly.

I'm also in canada, haven't confirmed that I did or how I would have gotten the EU version, but it makes sense cause when my gf first logged in on her comp. she was also put default into the EU server.

I probably didn't even notice nor can I remember if I maybe just went into the options and changed that before I even logged in, not thinking that it defaulted me into the EU server being an issue.
Bugger me sideways and call me sweetie. I love you.
Hej guys, i am from germany and i cant log in, to play the game.
Is the American Server online?
I have calculated, that the pdt time was now at 13:37 and at 12 o'clock the server should go online. is that correct?

Sorry for my bad english ...
1. please close Diablo3 first, and use Notepad open "agent.db" this file (*1)
Where is the "agent.db" file? (*2)
Win7 & Vista is in C:\ProgramData\\Agent\agent.db
WinXP is in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\\Agent\agent.db
Mac user can see this post (thanks NDT)
**NOT the Diablo3 game folder's agent.db !! (thanks Darkstaf and Eliarainne)
2. find ALL(there have three or more)
http://**** and change to
**** is your client version. (like below)
3. don't forget save file!! then close Notepad and restart Diablo3, it will update to

This worked PERFECTLY for me.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much, works for me now!!
I have a US version and play on europe servers I assume that I can do this putting esES (for plan 2) instead of enUS?
you can also re-install the game with the american client if you got the wrong one the first time around.
06/06/2012 02:17 PMPosted by Catatia
you can also re-install the game with the american client if you got the wrong one the first time around.

plan 2 is faster. ;)
Option 2 worked for me too.

Thank you! your help was really appreciated

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