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I am playing from Italy. Error 316704 at least 15 times tonight.
i have same problem and it's first time i see it. now i'm crying for my valors :(
Same thing started happening again yesterday after not happening for awhile "I get no error code just says "network disconnect at the top and your client has been disconnected" and i go to the character screen and can start again. Please fix this blizz. I'm on an actiontec verizon fios router also. Tried forwarding ports, uninstalling my firewall, check my RAM for errors, made sure my ports were forwarded correctly.
ok guys i may have found a solution to this error 316704. i have a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and when i changed the power settings to not allow the computer to turn it off to save power i have yet to receive the error since. there is a video on youtube to show you how to change this setting.
i hope this helps some of you guys i know how much of a pain it is.
chat appears, my characters attacks don't follow up, everything lag spikes, then this happens. error 316704. Blizzard has really got to fix this. I thought it was just for co-op online, but it also happens in solo. It does not however happen in Europe region or Asia. Too bad my characters don't transfer. Please fix this blizzard.
I too am also having the same problem with the won’t load hero list and also getting you have lost connection please sign in again. I’m running on completely up to date Mac OS X.

The worst part is, I have been farming act 4 key warden for weeks now with no luck and it finally drops with no way to pick up the Blacksmithing Plans cause of the “you have been removed....."
Same here. I disconnect all the time and blizzard tells us to try with wired connection.. well, that's not possible for all, including me. I share connection, and the router is not on my floor, so i have to connect wireless.

And i do not loose connection to steam when this happens. Only to diablo 3.
I have also been getting this error the last few days.... what is the cause of this?
In addition to the 316704 errors I'm getting chat lagg followed by 8 or 10 "Could not send chat/whisper" errors, also removed from game DCs with "Your connection to battle.net has been timed out 3007" errors right in the middle of games.

I'm also getting intermittent lagg spikes in combat, everything was fine till the new patches.

Windows 7 64 bit PC

This error happened again tonight.

Would be nice to play the game I paid for without getting irritated because I have to start all over again.
Guys, it is all ISP related... I keep a track of my constant pings and right after I get disconnected it had a packet lost. But really. like less than 2% packet loss, you would think it would negotiate and resume connection, but every time there is one packet loss, it will kick you out. That is pretty sorry.
this keeps happening to me right when i'm about to kill a unique or get an acheavment that is based on random events.... i'm not noticing any lag though, just random disconnects form my solo games. and if i open my server to public and other people are on then its fine. or at least i haven't had the problem in a public game.... should have left the game playable offline i think.
I was away for 6 months from this game and came back, the country where i am playing from changed but the computer is the same. Getting this error all the time, usually after 30 mins of playing. Any help out there? This was not a problem for me before.
ive lost a lvl 55 wiz and 3 lvl 42 Monks to this. I get this removed from game message. Booted to character screen. My HC toons still shows in the selection menu. Log off. Log back on and they show as dead. This game is becoming truly unplayable.
same thing here (netherlands)
joining game>eventually get kicked at random point
joining game> get kicked within a min
tries enter new game> error

also experiencing much lagg at some times
At least we can still play our offline characters.
Im just starting to have this problem. Any news on how to fix it? Im trying to find Zultans 2nd set of blood in the desert on Inferno. Its really frustration clearing this place out several times just to get kicked before getting anything accomplished. Well, at least ive come across 4 legendary items.

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