My DH -- LVL 57 -Act2 Hell

Demon Hunter

I'd like to write a short guide on my build and overall damage rotation. Hopefully help out some lower levels get an idea of what its like a bit later on, possibly get some feedback as well. I'm close to 60, and not sure if I want to truck out the last 3 levels, or just level a barb or something.

My stats--

5588 dps.
15k hp
bout 11% crit and 30% increased attack speed from items.

My build--

1) Vault with Acrobatics.
2) Bat companion for 3 hatred regen /sec
3) Caltrops with 80% extra movement reduction
4) Cluster Arrow with Cluster bombs for 230% weapon damage, this thing hits for 15k + on multiple targets when I use it, I also am able to use it twice when im at max hatred for bosses.

Left click - Grenades with Hatred Rune (6 hatred per use)
Right Click - Elemental Arrow with frost rune.

I also have the templar as the companion for resource regen and tanking. I picked the heal instead of the taunt but the taunt imo is probably better.

The primary thing about this build is TONS of hatred. Wen you get low you just spam grenades like 3 or 4 times. You don't even have to hit anything with them, just hold down the mouse button to regen the hatred. You can also kite the mobs with caltrops around any large corners or LoS areas, works great. Solo wise I can kill pretty easily. Only run into occasional problems if the mobs are like.. Waller, Jailer, Arcane Enchanted etc etc..Elemental arrow hits for over 10-11k regularly and pierces targets so it hits stuff you're not even aiming at which is great for the non elite packs and just random spamming.

While survivability isn't great, I'm not playing hardcore so don't really care if I die. It does suck watching my monk friend stand and tank everything which is why I'm considering if I want to switch. We have a barb leveling whos in early 50s so it'll most likely be Monk Barb DH. As far as the damage goes I think its really good but don't have anything to judge with.

If anyone has feedback or comments please feel free!
No smoke screen? I also find the grenades very lackluster. Give me my bola anyday. Not trying to sound like a jerk, just what works for me.
Why caltraps in Hell? I hear most elites/bosses are immune to snares.
you can still snare bosses.. I kited around Butcher.
Vault, the Bat and Caltrops seem to be must-have skills no matter the build.
I don't agree that Vault is necessary.

I'm level 59 and I use


1) Smoke Screen (Lingering Fog - 3 sec invulnurability and invisibility CAN NOT BE SKIPPED)
2) Spike Trap (Scatter - insane aoe)
3) Caltrops (Torturous Ground - nice 2 sec immobilize)
4) Companion (Bat Companion - good regen)

Left Click) Entangling Shot (Justice is Served - good regen again!)
Right Click) Impale (Overpenetration - the damage....)

1) Tactical Advantage - while you are invisible, you move superfast!
2) Sharpshooter - get 100% crit and do much dmg, perhaps with 2) or Right Click).
3) Archery - With 2h crossbow you get Critical Damage %. It hurts.

Curious, why wouldn't you use Entangling Shot? Or Smoke Screen to break CC?

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