Love playing the WD, but hate the look!

Witch Doctor
Nah man Nah...

Crippled black men are where it's at.
Yeah, he looks awesome. I'm so bored of the same old hero archetypes. This dude is rad. I always figured the shaking was from cannibalism.
Sorry but your opinion is wrong, have a nice day
The look is OK. What i'm not diggin is the way he speaks... doesn't feel like i'm playing a hero at all.

And i can't wait to find some badass masks.
I only wish some of the zombie spells could be replaced with snakes, carnivorous plants, wasps and other deadly creatures.
You aint got the groooooove mon.
I don't understand why they didn't at least give us some character customization. I personally think it would be pretty rad to give my WD some tribal paints on his face, change him to a chalk white painted skin tone, maybe some of the sickly Undead color schemes for flesh tones. I know the characters are kind of small, so such things are trivial, but I'm only saying it would be nice and offer a bit of distinguishability between my WD and anyone else's.
He reminds me of a crackhead. Common baby, gimme some loot, ill suck your ****!
i chose female WD strictly because of the horribleness of the male WD voice. its just about the worst voice i could imagine for a hero.

female's voice is pretty decent, and her looks are fine. what did u expect a witch doctor to look like? a suburban white guy?
The quirkiest are always the funnest to play.

Male WD is just perfect for playing the quirkiest character.

By the way, the voice is what makes the male WD perfect

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