Getting 1 shot in normal act 3?

Witch Doctor
Im getting 1 shot by trash mobs sometimes in normal mode act 3
Im intellect and damage stacking atm so i dont have any vitality on my gear
Are WDs supposed to get 1 shot at this difficulty already or do i need some vitality on my gear or is it just because im not using the correct passive/active skills?
Any other people with the same issues?
vitality is important. A lot of int and damage are very nice but not useful if you die in one hit.
I'm a witch doctor, most of my gears have +int and +vit. My friends thought my witchdoctor is a melee character... I tell them he's a caster, and he cant die. If u're dying u should get spirit walk, so u can run if u're surrounded.
Yeah, you need vitality.. I wouldn't go lower than a 2:3 ratio.
By the end of nornal my witch doctor had 4k+ health. Do not discount +vitality on gear. Plus you get more than 10 per point the higher you raise it, which is why it's possible to have 36k hp eventually.

Once you enter nightmare, having a healthy defense against vortex enemies will save your bacon.
Vitality can be important, though not essential in normal difficulty. I had fairly minimal vitality during my normal run because all I did was stack intellect and damage bonuses. Throughout my whole run I hardly had any problems at all, but I did use zombie dogs and gargantuan to distract and help funnel enemies and then rain down AoE's on them (mostly acid cloud and locust swarm). Having pets mean you can ignore more vitality because you're not taking much hits anyways. By the end of normal, I still only had 2k health but had 640 damage - mostly one or two shotting crowds with my huge AoE damage.

Are you ignoring pets? Most importantly, are you trying to melee them? You shouldn't be taking much, if any, damage as a witch doctor. I'd recommend at least having enough that your current highest potion can heal you for 100%.

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