Is damage info bugged?

Bug Report

Is anyone aware of any bugs impacting the damage stat display in our character window? It seems a couple times I have equipped some items and seen one damage number, and then opened it up a few minutes later to see the number having significantly changed (not impacted by abilities).

Additionally, on my barbarian I have equipped some items to increase my attack speed, yet the stat for attacks per second is not changing. Additionally, a legendary weapon with far more damage and attack speed than the weapon I was using is showing up as slower with less damage output.

Is anyone aware of some bugs here?
I had an issue whit damage stat when i equip two gem of the same stats on two different weapon.

EX : two flawless ruby give me a total of 599 dps but when i put a perfect ruby and a flawless it give me 593 ???

both have the same equipement on me but putting a better gem it give me less dps ? it's against physic law lol ?
Certain abilities like the passive Brawler will automatically increase the damage shown in the character menu whenever they become active. Not sure if this is what was causing the problem.

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