Best build for high lag?

I'm in Sydney. When the servers are happy I get latency of 200 - 250, very easy to play with.

Unfortunately latency is often 500+ (with lag spike) when the Blizzard hamsters get tired, meaning my favourite playstyle (lightning/disintergrate/force weapon/sparkflint) is worthless - the disintegrate beam will miss most targets and the extra time before I can do anything means being surrounded by mobs before the red beam of death can murder them.

I figure I can either stop playing and whine, or I can try to come up with a build that works during these slow, dark times. Then once the issues are fixed we can all look back on this and laugh.

Right now I'm level 37 and just starting act 2 nightmare with 1150 DPS unbuffed. Is some combination of Blizzard/hydra going to work best for all those "don't plan on reacting promptly" fights, or does anyone have an alternate approach to this problem?
I think you are SOL on this one, all i can suggest is pre-emptively use diamond skin when you are rushing a pack of mobs? and use frost nova as your first move once you get in there.
I'm about halfway through act 3 nightmare, and playing with 500-700ms latency, and soloing is still possible if I use my defensives (diamond skin & frost nova) carefully and keep a venom hydra up, but I have no idea how I'm going to deal with half of nightmare Diablo's mechanics, let alone anything in hell mode. So far, the most effective fix for lag is to just join a public game, because most other players will probably have better latency than us.
After a lot of playing around the best way to play high lag is re-gear for increased health (so when you take a hit outside of diamond skin you don't die in one blow) and play a much more defensive game, with a lot of running away to funnel enemies into areas you can disintegrate through. Hydra is a must.

And if any arcane elites get near you you will die, because the spinny pink lasers of death will tear you apart before you see them.

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