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Demon Hunter
Hey i just got into nightmare with my DH, i am having trouble killing stuff, although i am pretty good at kiting, i can still kill stuff, it just takes for ever to kill some mobs. what skills should i be using and what kind of wep? thank you.
Use the strongest weapon you have, Alot of people get prep and SS to maximize survivability, but through the entire NM i went pure damage output.
what skills would be best for damage? its hars to tell because there is no stats on the skills. so i am unsure about what to use. im just having problems killing stuf fast, my equiptment isnt that bad at all, its not the best on the AH but its good,
Question, Im starting out on Normal and even though this is for NM i figured that by the time anyone would get to NM you would know how to play a DH. What would be a good build to start out with? I know in the end it comes to personal preference but I wanted some ideas. Any?
my nuddy is pulling 1300 dps at my lkevel and im at 600. i have good weps and everything, help
Nightmare is supposed to be harder, and it does seem like killing mobs does yake a fair bit longer, but you get used to it.
Just make sure you keep yourself geared, and have at least perfect emeralds in all of your slots.
As far as skills go, ss-prep is honestly the best way, along with using hungering arrow>puncturing arrow with elemental arrow>ball lightning or frost arrow. If you dont like those, you can still afford to replace them, so long as you keep your gear at all rares or above.
But as far as normal playstyle goes, just keep doing how you have been and you should be ok.

Also, protip: if you hold ctrl while highlighting a skill, it will show a more precise tooltip, complete with numbers and percentages!
Remember to get rings and amulets with +damage (ex: 3-6, 4-8, whatever). They add a lot to your overall damage (+100). Your buddy probably has some, along with +DEX gear. Look through the AH.

I started NM with 300 damage at lvl30 (never been to the AH), swapped out my gear and was at 800 dmg. From my experience, without spending too much time in AH, your damage will get to 1.5k easily by lvl40 and 3k by lvl50 without trying too much. But when you start, you're pretty weak, yeah.
Hmm sorry for being a bit of a noob, but on the build page (!bde!Ybbabb), you get to choose Preparation on 3, but my preparation is on 2 (the same as vault), same with 4, i dont get the impale option there...

Have i missed something?? =)
yep pretty lost when i see the built too... its like they have double of the same "bar of skills"?
Elective Mode

Also, enable Advanced Tooltips while you're there. You'll thank me later.
It saddens me that SO MANY people have no idea about elective mode.
LoL! I have elective mode on and advanced tooltips BUT i had NO idea that you could assign what ever skill you want on the buttons. Wow! I thought EM was only to switch places of the skills. This is a major function in the gameplay and still no one knows about this, what a epic fail. This will for sure make my gameplay much more effective!

Thanks for the heads up Hotalicious!
Right now I doubt this is good, but im using bola shot with the stun and elemental arrow with the lightning ball thing :P. Along with caltrops and the first rune vault and tumble and the mini sentry and the arrow strike thing in the air....yep idk my skill names

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