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I see that most people say that 2 hander does more damage because of ap vs casting speed but I am still confused. I know you have to factor in the bonus of stats on the off hand too.

When picking a weapon do you go by the dps first? If they are close or equal in dps then would you go with the 2 hander with the higher base damage? Do I go by base damage and forget all about the dps? Would I choose a lower level less dps 2 hander because of ap and casting on the move?

When its all said and done can I look at a stat on my character details to let me know if I am making the right choice? When I switch weapons does the damage in the detail tell the better choice?
I've been using 2h almost exclusively since halfway through normal. The casting speed just outweigh the loss of damage for me. In everything but normal you've got to be mobile almost all the time to stay alive. This means a lot of spells can't be cast constantly, negating casting speed boost. In that situation a 2h will benefit you greatly; much higher single-hit damage. Not to mention the fact that the 2h'ers tend to have great int/vit on them further increasing your DPS/HP.

Shields are useless. If you're using a 1h use a source, no question. Ignoring the extra damage (that adds directly to the base damage of the weapon btw) the stats are awesome & they have unique stats (like arcane power regen on crits). Only other piece of gear you'll find that on is wizard hats.

As far as good 2h'ers I've found maces to have the best overall stats & damage to them. Not to mention affordable if you can't get drops in your own games.
Beware of bows, they have a HUGE damage range which means your damage will also be all over the place.
05/25/2012 07:30 AMPosted by Malakite
the extra damage (that adds directly to the base damage of the weapon

Ohhhhhh ok I get it now. So thats why + dmg is much better than AS, or Int.

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