Arcane Torrent Wizard

Hey guys, I'm currently level 51 in Hell mode (Act 2) and am running Arcane Torrent which I haven't seen anyone talk about. I play solo and in groups and am at 4K dps and 14K life.!YUf!aaZabZ

Decent single target DPS
Awesome AoE dps
Has decent kite potential
Does not rely on crits
Does not rely on Force Armor
Does not rely on specific passives
Small changes can be made to the build to introduce more survivability (switch out Familiar with Frost Nova, etc)

Runs out of Arcane energy if Diamond Skin is down and you need to sustain for longer than 10 seconds (though most of the time you will need to spend time kiting anyhow!)
Has only one defensive cooldown
Not super amazing for bosses (I usually switch to a Ray of Frost build for bosses)
Slower weapons are better because you drain Arcane Power more slowly!

1. Throw out Hydra
2. Pop Diamond Skin
3. Arcane Torrent from range
4. Kite!
5. Something sneaks up on you... Diamond Skin, Hydra, Kite!

Poison Hydra may still be better even with the 15% damage increase from Arcane Torrent - Disruption
Some combination to make Arcane Power not a problem may be eluding me
Anyone have any suggestions on build improvement? At 60 I know that I will switch to the Cascade rune and probably Poison Hydra, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried this later in Hell or in Inferno with success.
Sorry, im new to this but my familiar and energy armor are on the same tab, how do i change that?
How are you fairing on inferno with this build? The biggest problem I see is that you need to stand still to cast arcane torrent, and without the crit CDR build that gives you perma-diamond skin, how are you surviving elites on inferno? I'm even having trouble kiting with arcane orb and I only need to turn around to cast.

Edit: sorry did not see that you mentioned hell. but my question still kinda stands, how are you handling elite mobs? maybe you haven't seen some of the !@#$ed up elites yet. wait until later parts of hell and inferno...
go to gameplay options and tick "elective mode"

it lets you put any spell into any slot :D
Same with jd007. The lack of mobility while casting Arc T got me into trouble more often than I liked, and the orb seems to working well.
in act2 and 3 in inferno you will get 1 shot (or 3 shot with F-armor) from projectiles, and you simply don't have the luxury of standing still to cast ever. That's really the only problem with it, but it would be a fun build otherwise. Might work with nova and skin with critical mass and a low vit, high crit and regen build (otherwise your skin gets 1/2 shot).
Viable in group play, difficult to use in the second half of Hell/Inferno while playing solo. Arcane torrent is a great spell - it has great damage output/synergy with magic missile/arcane hydra etc but its start-up is just too long to be effective when kiting as a solo character.

As much as I think disintegrate is inferior to the other AoE spells, I think even it is more effective in solo play due to the fact that you can still kite while using it. Arcane Orb is still the most effective choice, however.
This is pretty much the same as my build:

Arcane hydra
Diamond skin w/ absorbtion rune
Arcane torrent w/ susceptibility rune
Kite w/ Magic missile w/ +arcane power for hit rune until arcane power is almost full

For champion groups archon to finish them off

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