A monk build that works in Inferno

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aRQfgi!YXZ!YYbYZY

Stats: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/580/screenshot018o.jpg/

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk14pIgJrH4

  • This is not the end all be all build, but it will help get you started in Inferno. How it evolves will depend on the type of enemies you face and the group you are in
  • Can't get past an encounter? The easiest and most noticeable change comes from your Mantras. A simple mantra and rune change can have a huge effect on the outcome of an encounter.
  • For example: Switch out Mantra of Healing for Mantra of Conviction with the Intimidation rune to make quick work of those hard hitting dark berserkers.

Primary Attack: Fists of Thunder w/ Quickening rune.
This works in tandem with Sweeping Wind to generate massive amounts of spirit and it's a decent attack to boot. You should always be attacking.

Starter Ability: Sweeping Wind w/ Inner Storm rune.
This works in tendem with your primary attack. This needs to be put up directly at the beginning of a fight.

Spam Ability 1: Cyclone Strike w/ Wall of Wind rune.
You will want to spam this along with your mantra at all times. This ability will pull enemies to you and also up your dodge % for 3 seconds. You should be using this every 3 seconds if not more when spirit permits.

Spam Ability 2: Mantra of Healing w/ Boon of Protection rune.
You will want to spam this along with cyclone strike at all times. This ability will regenerate health and also add a damage shield on you to help lessen damage. You should aim to keep the damage bubble up at all times. It has a 3 second uptime but can be lost earlier if an enemy does enough damage to attack you through it. If that occurs then make sure you reapply it earlier. This move should be used every 3 seconds if not more when spirit permits.

Utility Ability 1: Serenity w/ your favorite rune.
You will want this ability for multiple reasons. For one, it's going to keep you invulnerable to damage for 3 seconds every 20 seconds. Second, while your spam abilities are great for keeping you up at full, there are going to be a lot of situations where you will have to disengage from combat and move your character. Other times, you will find that you're just getting chewed up too much and your spam abilities aren't going to get you back to full health in time. There will also be a myriad of other scenarios where this will be a great ability to have.

Utility Ability 2: Inner Sanctuary w/ Circle of Protection rune.
This ability is pretty awesome and probably goes underused. It's good in boss fights, where you can just lay it on the ground and stand in it. It's good while taking out packs of mobs in dungeons. Especially in hallways, where you can lay it on the ground and enemies just wait for it to disappear before they can get to you. You can do the same thing to split packs of mobs up in hallways. Half stuck on the other side. Half on your side. Combine yourself with a ranged and just let them go to town on enemies while they can't be attacked. Heck, it also fears enemies that are in its radius when its case. All around, it's just a solid utility ability to have that has many uses.
diablo3 is not mmorpg like wow

we monk players are not tanker or healer.

your skill is very boring to play just click def skill again and again
Doubt this build would work for farming elites. Trash mobs and Leoric are hardly a challenge in inferno.

we monk players are not tanker or healer.

You must not have played D3 yet.
@S14N: Monks are very much a tank/healer/dps hybrid.

@Powerfuls: A mantra change alone would work wonders on elites.
I found a nice dps build. Pushing 25-50k crits depending on dual wield and 2h. I do run with another monk who is tanking though. Probably wont be effective solo inferno but its actually fun and you dont sit there and spam mantra of healing. (You instead spam our awesome +dps abilities)


Keep the breath of heaven dmg and mantra up all the time

use blinding flash and mantra again for the extra dmg and either burn with primary spam (hits like a truck) or use seven sided.

Too tired to post anything else, sure you guys can figure out the rest.
@S14N: Monks are very much a tank/healer/dps hybrid.

@Powerfuls: A mantra change alone would work wonders on elites.

You don't change skills while farming elites because it will reset your magic find stacks. I would take MoH w/boon 24/7 in inferno anyways, too good to pass up.
99 is your highest resis and you're in inferno :|

and isnt FoT with quickening bugged to be way better then it should?
05/21/2012 07:04 PMPosted by Shooj
This is another great "oh ****" button to have. It also works well with the rest of the build in many ways. For one, it's a big heal.
Thanks. I hadn't had my fill of bitter, jaded laughter today.

99 is your highest resis and you're in inferno :|
Hey, when I started inferno my highest resist was 3. Running in and zerging down minions has to be the most depressing thing I've ever done in a game. It's like the diablo equivalent of going through trash cans for scraps.
@ Falcor: That should say something about the build itself then if I can get away with what I'm doing with such low resists.

@ Buttertoast: I like to min/max and also try to find out different answers to things that others may have already found an answer to. This specific build I made here was more for people who think melee characters can't survive in Inferno difficulty, so it's more of a proof than anything else. However, on the whole Mantra subject, I'm starting to like the Mantra of Conviction w/ Intimidation rune (which lowers enemy damage) quite a bit, especially on enemies that do outrageous melee damage. Absorbs are nice, but not when an enemy is taking 15k wacks at you.

I'm also thinking of replacing Breath of Heaven with Inner Sanctuary. It just has way more upside imo after playing with it for a bit.
Updated. Removed Breath of Heaven and replaced it with Sanctuary. Much better utility and survival with it than BoH.

See guys, we aren't broke!
@ Hoodie: From what I was told it isn't actually a bug, but we'll see come tomorrow after the patch.
With the addition of Inner Sanctuary this build is even stronger. You're not at the mercy of yellows anymore. Whereas before you were breezing through trash and blues relatively easily, but yellows were not fun.

@ Bazinga: Interesting build. Needs more Inner Sanctuary. XD
Did u complete act 2 with this stats/build? Because I have doubts about that.
05/22/2012 01:13 AMPosted by Shooj
@ Hoodie: From what I was told it isn't actually a bug, but we'll see come tomorrow after the patch.

who told you it wasn't a bug? it says critical hits regain 15 spirit, when in actuality every tick of damage you produce regain 15 spirit, crit or not, fists of thunder or not... how could anyone possibly not see this as being an unintentional use of the skill? i'd recommend not balancing a build around quickening and becoming comfortable with it, since they will eventually fix it.
This build doesn't work at all, I don't know how you guys even live. I went into a2 at the beginning and died within 1 second.... armor, health, and resists are even more than what you have.

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