timeout posting auction, error 32309 after

Bug Report
I tried posting an item to auction, and it timed out. Trying to post it again returns error 32309.

Looking at my auctions, I now see the item posted in the auction house, but the item is also still in my inventory.

It seems this could result in an exploit to create dupes (if someone wrote a hack to cause their client to time out after the auction posts, but before the inventory is updated). (Unless its all server side, in which case I guess its just up to the whim of the network as to whether you get a dupe)

(I can see why you wouldn't want to wait to post until after the inventory update, as then the item could just be lost if there is a timeout between those two transactions...)
I just experienced this same exact bug. Also, I don't know if this helps or not, but I was posting my 10th auction at the time of the bug.
Same thing happened to me. Not really sure what to do about the duplicate auction. :\
I just had this happen to me, the item went up but was also in my stash still. However, it got the bug where you can't search for it, so no one will be able to buy it. I'm waiting to see if I get the item returned to me in 2 days now - if so it will have been duped, if not the system fixed itself. We shall see!
Got this error. it was the 10th auction of mine and came from my stash.
Happens to me too :/, just my second auction item and it gets bugged...
See, I got this error when posting a legendary Cuirass and now it's no longer in my stash, not out on the auction floor AND it's not under the option of sending it back to my stash. If they just lost that item on me I will be rather unhappy, considering it sells on average for over 500k.

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