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So i just bought a helm on AH for 200k, then an error came up and when i tryed to buy it again it said it was sold, i then noticed i had lost the 200k and i never got the item.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Same thing just happened to me.
Yeah this just happened to me and I lost 400k. Actually, it usually comes back after a while, but this time it was a permanent 400k loss...
Just happened to me as well I lucked out and only lost 10k. Anyone know how to fix this?
Well now i just lost 800k because of timeout bugs..
Just happened to me too lost 12k. Not so bad, but still...
It says I won the item and it is in my completed auctions list but is not in my completed items list so I can not put it in my stash. Is that what happened to you as well?
Same thing just happened to me. I bought out an item, it shows up as purchased in my auction log but, no item in my completed list so I can send to stash. Out 15k
It's not in either list for me, but i definitely lost the gold. >: (
I just bought a belt War Pursuit for 20k

In my Completed it shows I bought it but does not show up any where .

So now out of the 20k.
Bought a conquest aim for 20k, says completed, but i can't see it to send it to my stash
same here, lost 145k =(

so... sad...and disappointed...
This happened to me on a bunch of items yesterday. Happened on a few weapons, it'd timeout, my gold would disappear, no item, and when I went back, it said it was sold. Today, I logged in to find 3 weapons and a bunch of gems all in my completed list. So, at least for me, it was just a case of very severe (~24 hours) lag. I love the game, but the last couple days the AH has been almost unusable.

Just happened again with a ring I bought. Perhaps it'll show up tomorrow too.
Just bought a falcon conclave bow for 20k. Bought out the bid and then it !@#$ing timed out. Lost my 20k and I have no item...

I'm assuming blizz can't do anything for us? How is this gonna work when the real $ gets used? Broken system is broken and instead of silently needing things why don't they publicly announce them fixing things that should be working day 1....?

The item showed up in the completed tab and says I bought it out for 20k. I'm assuming it will show up sooner or later?
same thing happened to me and the worst part is that I though I didn't buy that so I purchased the other and still don't have them, also my item does not appear on auction house, U guys need to give that back so I can post again. I can't find my item that I have posted on AH
Just happened to me minutes ago, gold gone but no item given :(
An update on my situation, I checked before I got off for the evening... It was there waiting to be out in my stash. Just about 3 hour lag after it timed out.

All in all the auction house is extremely laggy/buggy. I hope people wait for a patch in that alone before wasting cash.

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