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Items and Crafting
How hard it was to find items when d2 first came out? Finding one Soj or one Mara's required EXTREME luck. Sure d2 has more items for all levels across the board but it is now been out for a LONG time.

Remember D2 before the expansion? Did it have as many items and features as it did when it first came out?

As with all new online games it is kept simple first for obvious reasons. Patches/Expansions will happen.

IMO Everyone is extremely spoiled due to all the hacking/duping that was D2.

What were the chances again for getting a full enigma? Anyone? Not to mention HOTO.
Tricky. If one million people are playing, the chances of that mara being found goes up DRAMATICALLY.

Those rares are already found. The stats are GARBAGE.

Nobody is acting spoiled.
Umm, no it doesn't. No offense but it seems you don't know math. One million people still makes 2% chance 2%(just using for example.) it just makes you roll the 2% faster. Only 2% of one million would find a mara's. The numbers don't change.
I don't care too much about the chances of finding items. What I do care about is the fact that blues seem to have a decent chance of being better than an equivalent legendary. That's just sad.

For one, DPS of level 60 legendary items needs to be buffed to justify their rarity. It seems I can spend a few hundred thousand gold on a blue item that does way more DPS...and the other "random stats" that roll in one of these rare legendaries has a higher chance of being garbage for the class you're playing than actually being useful.

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding a super rare level 60 legendary and having it roll "+experience after monster kill" after identification. Randomization of legendaries should atleast guarantee you an item that rolls stats which are ALL useful to one specific class. Otherwise you will find that, for the most part, legendaries will be useless. This just doesn't justify their drop rates imo.
lol statistics fail, if the chances of winning the lottery is 1 in a million, it doesn't mean you'll win if you buy a million tickets...
I remember in D2, I would have at least found some unique and set items. For the amount of time I played, my guess would be around 15-25. Some would suck, some would have been useful to my character at some point, some would have been good to trade. I wanted to keep playing because there was actually a real chance of finding something nice, instead of blue or yellow items with slightly more vit and int. Or a legenday with worse stats. Not really exciting compared to finding lets say an oculus, windforce, shako in D2. Now chances of finding those were quite small, but I imagine I would have found some items like frostburn, not that rare, but unique and useful stats.

Now I found one legendary item (string of ears), useless for my character, and only mildly useful for trading because not everyone realizes yet they can find much better items for lower prices on the AH.

Hoto or enigma would have been extremely rare if it wasn't for hackers. Without them, I image just a very select number of people would be able to get all those runes, countless hours of item hunting and trading. This is really end-endgame content, and I wouldn't mind something like that in a future patch or expansion if they can keep the hackers away.
i remember how my heart would race anytime i saw those sweet gold letters on a ring...using runes to up items was pretty sweet too...Hcubin FTW
1. AH is a place everyone can go. In D2, you had custom games so if you were lucky you might have traded with, what, 100-200 people in your D2 life?
Things were more rare because you didnt have this free space to compete in

2. This game should be equal to the latest patch of LoD, because that is the standards. No excuses. Trying to justify that D3 is unfinished because D2 was different to begin with, is just an excuse to try and make reason out of it.

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