Slow/Fast Weapon Question

Witch Doctor
I play a witch doctor and I'm level 18. My main attack spell that I use is Dire Bats (Fire Bats with the rune)

I have a fast 1 hand weapon with damage range of about 18-23 with Int bonus and Off Hand with int bonus that can get my damage to about 70 damage on my character sheet..

or I have a slow weapon with damage range of about 24-28 which does about 60 damage on my character sheet.

Any tips on which I should use?

As a WD i personally pefer the shield just in case that one small add slips from the tanks at least you got some type of defence but at that low of a lvl its kinda just face roll aoe
If you want to use direbats, 2h all the way. The slower the better (high damage numbers is best, attack speed is a superficial boost to DPS.) I've used direbats the entire game and I'm half way through act 2 inferno now. I've tried both and 2h is a lot better in general, not just for direbats but for damage over time spells like locust swarm and haunt as well. Pretty much the only thing 1handers win on is spamming cheap spells with nice effects like toads and darts. A shield doesn't help a ton later in the game. Blocking 2k damage is nothing when mobs hit for 20k. You need stopping power.

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