Soloing Inferno Rakanoth

Demon Hunter
Here are the skills I used..

1-Spike Trap // Scatter
2-Multishot // Broadside
3-Preperation // Back up Plan
4-Smoke Screen // Lingering Fog
LC- Hungering Arrow // Devouring Arrow
RC- Elemental Arrow // Nether Tentacles

I have 40 Discipline and 35.1k DPS with 23.7k hp

Obviously SS dodge his dash mechanic.. watch for the animation (usually will do it after spawning his minions.. and the other time is sort of randomly while he's walking after you)

When I am anticipating the adds spawning I drop the Scatter Spike Traps.. then as they are spawning I move between them and my traps so they hit the traps (they usually spawn near you.. so stand near your traps) I then pop Smoke Screen as they hit the traps Multishot them to kill them (If one gets away or something.. I starting kiting and shooting Devouring Arrows till it/they die, while keeping an eye on the boss at all times.)

After he spawns the adds and finishes his throwing discs he will dash at you.. this will happen usually about a second after you come out of the SS from the adds you just killed.. so be ready to almost immediately SS again after the minions have spawned.

Other than that.. he will chase after you on foot.. you can usually sneak some studder step shots on him while he's walking after you. (Be aware he will sometimes stop walking to dash at you.. so always have an eye on the boss during this fight)

Took me like 2 1/2 hours.. but got him down... he seems to be a bit random / buggy at times.. So you just gotta get the pattern down.. and hope he doesn't act random.

GL and HF
What about your passives? Just out of curiosity.
2 and a half hours!!! Oh lawd my patience would mos def wear thin! Cool build and congrats btw!
Don't have to check for a pattern, it's all in the animations. When he's levitating and swinging his arms around, he's doing the disc toss. When he's levitating with green swirlies under his feet, he's doing the teleport.
wait for him to do his warp at start and ss and crit him with impale and run away he only does his other attacks if you are close to him if you wait on the other side of the map he will stand still for around 20 seconds and then come at you and warp again

hungering arrow + puncturing wound
impale + grievous wounds
ss + lingering fog
prep + backup plan
companion + bat

sharp shooter
steady aim
If you have about 45k DPS+ you can easily burst him down with mark+mortal enemy and bat companion and nether tentacles, sort of like Azmodan. He usually dies shortly after his first dash at me that way.

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