Yo Diablo 3 Dev's Fix Ancient spear for barbs

Bug Report
Tooltip for Dread Spear on ancient spear says heals for 60% of damage inflicted.

I'm running a Crit chance + crit damage build. So my Ancient spears crit for around 100k+ I should be healing for 60k every time i crit. Why aren't i? Instead i'm healing for like 10k not even that sometimes.

Are you set on forcing barbarians to go SnB + Resist for Inferno? Why do we have no freedom with our builds? I'm at 50k hp, 100 resist, 27k damage, 244% crit damage, 38.50% crit chance unbuffed and i'm still finding some elite mob combinations near impossible to fight. Especially when they hit for over 20k every basic attack. AT LEAST allow us to use the ONE single target heal move we have that is dependent on crit chance and crit damage.

I love your tooltips for barbarians: Goes something like

"Many barbarian runes are activated by crits"

Why would anyone even want to go the crit route at all?

Fix this crap
lifesteal is only 20% effective in inferno.

so with 100% lifesteal, you'd get only 20%.

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