1 SIMPLE change to solve 3problems

hi. sry for my bad english.

the barbarian only needs 1 change, to resolve 3 issues.

1: furyspender. no one uses them.
2: revanche with provocation is a 100% must have skill, wich the devs dont like
3: we struggle inferno a2 without a3-a4 gear.

so to simple solve this 3 problems, just change 1 passive skill.

the passive wich gives u 3% health as dmg dealt, change it to "heals you for 0,75% life for each point of fury spent"

revanche no longer is a 100% must have skill, cause now their are other heal options, but revanche is still an option if you choose to play without this new passive and u can still use it with the passive, maybe with a different rune or what else

furyspenders and fury mechanic finnaly makes sense

and with this new selfhealmethod inferno wouldnt be THAT gear depended anymore for us barbs
It could cause more imbalance. Wouldn't Inferno builds just become all about charging fury and dropping Dread Bomb for a 75% life heal with 0 cooldown?

Leap>Shout>Cleave>Stomp> Dread Bomb. Repeat.
Nerf other classes. Barbs are where every class should be on Inferno.

It's not exactly that impossible to progress. It's just slow. I'm almost up to Belial with a gear set that cost me around 600k on the AH. The only reason I have a hard time is because I'm still stuck with a 450 dps weapon which makes some elites enrage and would probably make me wipe on Belial's adds over time. It's hard to find a 700+ dps with a good mix of life on hit, socket and life leech... under 1 million.
but furyspenders suck
We dont struggle without act 3/4 gear, act 1 can drop some sick armor and you can make some AMAZING pieces with the starter recipes on the blacksmith (yes they cost a lot to make, but if you hit it big you will definitely make your investment back no problem)
yeah but srsly, this is not only about barbs vs inf a2, barb also has these 2 other major problems! and besides, i just dont get it why barbs need to spent tons of money on uber items, while ranged can just clear everything with dmg only gear..
Nerf other classes. Barbs are where every class should be on Inferno.

I think barbs aren't where every class should be in Inferno, but I say that mostly because I DONT WANT TO USE A FRIKKIN SHIELD DAMMIT!

I say bring everyone up to the WD level. They're clearly capable of progressing, and no one is mentioning them at all so they must be neither OP nor UP.
I agree with OP with majority of us going defensive builds our fury is almost full at all times. Most of the fury spenders does not allow us to survive in inferno although seismic slam for battle should could be a decent fury spender and adds a little dmg and knock back
Nerf other classes. Barbs are where every class should be on Inferno..

2 ways blizzard can solve this A) nerf the other classes which we already see coming, B) let the problem solve its self, once real money AH is opened a lot ppl farming inferno will sell their items and there will be a flood of them, blizzard could just let the supply be greater than the demand and let this problem solve itself

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