What class for duo'ing inferno with DH

Demon Hunter
Hey everyone, I play exclusively with a good friend. He is a dh and I am a barb, recently I've gotten bored of my barb though, having to use so many defensive abilities leaves me just normal attacking and revenging over and over. So I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on some other classes that go well with you guys, mainly other ranged. Is it viable to be wd/dh maybe or wiz/dh? If so, more viable than barb/monk? We havent begun inferno yet, just started act 1 hell. I just dont want to spend a lot of time gearing a class I no longer enjoy. So this is sort of my last chance to get something else up in time before we start inferno. Any thoughts?

I don't think being a DH is going to solve your frustration. The truth is 4 out of 6 skills on my Hotbar are defenses, which is pretty typical now, and most of my attacking is done with a Hatred generator, and I'm just in Hell.
Honestly, I think the only class I don't want to see when I'm playing is another DH. If you want to stick it out with your Barb I'd recommend turning yourself into a meatshield whilst your friend mows down everything from the back. Otherwise, based on your frustrations, I really think you should give Wizard a shot.

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