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I am looking to upgrade my 9800GTX+. I have always owned Nvidia cards so I have been looking at the GTX 560Ti but I am not opposed to going with HD 6950 or HD 6970. Thoughts on them ill link the compares I have.



Or would I be better off to upgrade my mobo to something that has PCI-E 3.0??? Cash isnt really an issue just dont wanna spend alot since I dont game that much anymore. Thanks for any help u reply with
9800 GTX+ is still a serviceable card.

If you want to upgrade, I'd recommend 7850 instead, especially special OC version like this:
3.0 doesn't make a big real world difference yet, even with the fanciest high end cards, so don't worry about that.
05/30/2012 09:17 AMPosted by Kalganized
9800 GTX+ is still a serviceable card.

Yea its a nice card maybe my PC issue is somewhere else, was just my first thought.
Sorry dont know how to make it list what i have so u get the typed version that probably will need more info.
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T 2.80ghz
8gb Patroit 10666 1333mhz
ASUS 9800GTX+ 512ram
You have a good baseline hardware still. I would consider:

1) Ensure your PC is virus/malware free
2) Run least number of crap in the background
3) Clean off dust and gunk inside your computer (esp on GPU fan and CPU fan)
4) Update to the latest drivers
I had a 9800GT and I could play the game on the lowest settings at 1080p, but at best I would only get between 20-30fps in combat gameplay. In multiplayer settings I would often be crippled to 5-10fps (seen 3fps before). When I ran two 9800GT in SLI I felt like my performance was even worse...

Just dropping this here so the OP has an idea about other 9800 performance, even though it's not Apples/Apples as the GTX performs a bit better normally.
From what I have been reading, Diablo 3 does not do very well (if at all) with an SLI setup. I'm running a 550Ti at max settings on my 47" with no problems at all.
I have an 8800 gtx oc2 and a 260 gtx they both play comperably for this game with the 260 gtx verly slightly better.

That being said I have a simple question.

Do you care to have the quality of the video on ultra? Or do you just want to see the game and that's all you care about?

If you only want to see the game you can save some money on a card and get an intel set tup with built in 3000 HD graphics and play the game. It wont look that awsome but it'll be playable.

And as others have said. 3.0 PCI-e at this point is kind of a moot thing to upgrade too. They (the GPU companies) have yet to make 3.0 significanly better than 2.0 to justify buying it even in terms of futurproofing as it probably will all be outdated by the time they make 3.0 worth the extra bucks and by then it will be standard.
cash not a problem? why not a couple gtx690s?

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