Why Nether Tentacles?

Demon Hunter
Puncturing arrow deals the most reliable damage against a single target. Shattering arrow deals the best damage against groups. Devouring arrow deals the highest average single target damage but is more random than hungering arrow.

It's really your choice, any of these runes work well.

i've tried them all, stuck with puncturing for the most part, but i'm now thinking cinder arrow is the best and have stuck with through inferno. you get a guaranteed 150% damage (115% + 35% over 3 seconds) plus it still has the 35% pierce and reapply. i'd love to see some figures for damage comparisons, it would have to come really close between puncturing/cinder.

cinder can never do as much damage as piercing or devouring because the burn doesn't stack
You mean shielded and invulnerable minions. It still passes through them, dealing no damage when the shield is up, but means you can still nail the unshielded or invuln boss at the back.
Nether also has the added benefit of negating some of the damage caused by Reflect Damage effects.
NT has rivals in terms of usefulness against elite packs, but against bosses the fact that it can hit several times per shot makes it by far the highest damage per hatred spell we have... by a TON. which is disappointing.
This is the answer, period:

Devouring Arrow is the BEST damage hatred generator
Nether Tentacles is the be BEST damage hatred spender even on single target as it will always hit at least twice unless the enemy is moving abnormally (310%)
I don't know why no one has mentioned this yet but with the incredibly slow projectile speed of NT you can fire off 2 volleys of it and then IMMEDIATELY hit a group with a hungering arrow as it hits. Combine this with the weird way your crit chance doesn't seem to reset until a projectile actually hits and you can crit a large mob for 500k+ depending on dps (maybe even more, my dps is only 65k). That's why I use it anyway.

And? elemental arrow hits all in the line as well.

fear = if your gear only provides subpar dps
nether = if you have godlike dps.

simple it is.

What would be sufficient dps for effective nether?
In addition to everything mentioned here: The AE clearing factor, the hitting that annoying mob hiding in the back (like mortars!), life gain, the big draw for me with Lightning Ball/Nether Tents is the synergy with Sharpshooter. Easy to get 3 or 4+ shots w/ increased crit as a starting salvo to clear a group of creatures.
What I've not seen mentioned here is that Nether Tentacles apply cold damage to ALL targets hit when you are equipepd with a +cold damage weapon. This is basically the only thing that renders p1 and p2 of Belial killable for me on Inferno, and is a real big deal in kiting champions as well. You can apply your slow to all enemies in a line, even while walking, which is insanely strong.

Multishot on the other hand doesn't.
This is why we use Nether tents, and Hunger. Coming from a 56k dmg 1679 dex DH in act 4 Inferno.

Number one Primary Reason given would be Sharp Shooter Crit Multiplier to slow moving Objects I.e Nether Tents.

The crit multiplier keeps stacking while the nether tenticals are in motion towards the target(s)
thus why you always see yellow figures when this Passive is used.

Hungering With Devour rune due to the crit multiplier on both Passive and Rune ability, thus giving near close to every hunger a crit.

While using Nether tents always go with Caltrops with Hooked spines rune or Tortures spine rune , the more you slow them the better your crit multiplier will be.

Anyway hope this helps.
Shatter Shot all day long..also on a4 inferno
05/29/2012 06:14 AMPosted by ALPHA
I mean its not liek we can really make 1v1 tank/leech build with shadow power/mark/gloom because we cannot surivive past a few hits. Anyways I just wanted to here some thoughts from some experts, should I switch my build to HA/ EA?

Shadow power: Gloom and NT works just fine in act 2.
05/29/2012 06:17 AMPosted by Nopskillz
It's slow like lightning ball so it hits big targets multiple times. Also it keeps your health topped off when your DPS gets crazy high because 3% of a large number ends up being alot of health especially when it hits multiple times.

this + low hatred cost. Far more efficient than the likes of Impale for a similar damage output.
I still prefer to use Lightning when there's a lot of mobs i.e pony because it has a much larger AOE even though it's slightly less in damage. The lifesteal means for nothing when you get one hit.
There's one important factor people are failing to mention: it looks badass.
Lol i totally agree with the fact that it looks badass
Personally I like to use Cinder Arrow because of the extra 35% damage over 3 sec's. However, this is only good for single targets as puncturing can pierce through targets. Then I use Nether Tentacles for champion packs.

Let's not forget Ball Lightning. Ball Lightning is extremely powerful in big groups of mobs. Extremely powerful. Nether tentacles does a great job for groups that are lined up running after you. Also works great for going through immune mobs. Hate those damn things.

It really depends on your play style. Most abilities are viable in some form or another. Just depends on the situation.
Higher dps... plain and simple, ball lightning/nether tentacle are simply the higher dps option in many cases because of their ability to hit multiple targets and most importantly, hit each of them multiple times, due to this, the damage dealt by a single cast can be quite astronomical.

As for hungering arrow, I haven't done the maths extensively but I think it is the highest average single target dps hatred generating option
Nether tentacles most certainly does NOT heal you anything noticeable. its life steal is very low in inferno. I still need to down a health potion and hit battle scars and pick up health globes every fight against elites and rares that have the "reflects damage" mod.
Nether Tentacles + Shadow Power + Preparation = Demon Hunter tank.

I've solo'd hell Diablo without using a single health potion. Hungering Arrow is believed to generate the most hatred but I don't know... It's neat... But Nether Tentacles? Hells yes. You WANT to use that skill...And may we all pray it never gets nerfed.

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