Are servers still down?!?

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Got home, and still nothing. Been gone all day and cant seem to login.
NA server.
Your name says it all.
they took them down for "urgent maintenance"
They are down 90% of the day
Yes, ongoing theme with blizzard and
same here.
I'm about to lose mi !@#$
I'd like to play my single player game please. Thanks.
yeah E33 E37 E3007 great number, rnt they?
Servers went down at 3:00 PDT
You are name says it all?
the servers will be up Soon™ (╯°□°)╯︵ /(.□.\) yup more maintenance
Game was up for about 2 hrs, laggy and the AH did not work. Now its totally down.
The best part... the server status page says they're up, when they're not.
I'm unable to log in as well.
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