Are servers still down?!?

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I have "Error 33" here.
Im upset... i understand some people cry they had to type there info in twice. to log in. but seriously. i bought a 1000$ comp and this game for my Bday gift. and work 12 hour days. and sleep for 8 can anyone tell me how much time that leaves for (diablo3,Eating,and showering)
Not enough..... Bnet please just let us play
You must be new here.
Damn it, figures this would happen :( Now i have to order pizza and lay around with my girlfriend all day instead of ignore her and play this. *Snap*
All this stress makes me constipated.
Seriously I don't see why an offline game option was not added.
It's a F^&*ing single player game for most of us Blizzard!!!! Let us play offline for crying outloud! F!&@!
servers came back online 2pm eastern time and were up for a few hours then couldnt load character list so they are fixing it I guess. sucks that it happened but they seem quick to react.
The virtual Band-aid is being applied again, cause the last one fell off the knee!
still down
I'm really curious as to where Blizzard is pulling their server status from on the status page, because its definitely not the actual servers.
Damnnn no eta...
I love lamp
Guess if anyone wants to play, just switch from the America's server. America's is usually the only one down. Give you something to do while you wait lol.
lamp lover
i love blizzard. couldn't play early this AM... can't play this PM- disappointing service

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