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The game could have turned really bad. I still can't believe how bad supreme commander 2 sucked compared to number 1. It baffles me how number 2 got rid of all of my favorite things about the original and added so many inefficient rts gameplay mechanics into the game.

The race special machines weren't really all that special, the economy system was obliterated, the upgrade system felt like it was just mashed in there, the characters got really ugly and generic, the game actually had less visual fidelity at maximum settings, the story was so bland, and I felt everything was meant to appeal to toddlers.

It's crazy because if they had just taken all of the stuff that they had stock of (3d models, map packs, engine) and just made a few more things for each race, then it would have been a better game even though it would really just count as an expansion.

If diablo had an overhaul like that, everyone would really be feeling it.

It could have ended up where diablo and his brothers were gone forever and a really weak and unlikable generic human was the new ultimate boss of the game. The focus of the game would be to try to do your best to get hired as diablo's economic consultant by killing his minions and proving you can get the most gold. Then to top it off, the ending would be where the main character wasn't really fighting hell spawn, but really just stuck in a mental hospital. Diablo was only a symbol for some very stupid emotion he was feeling that changed his perception of the world. Then there is a really illogical twist that makes it so diablo can come back for blizzard to rake in money in the next sequel.

I know it sounds really dumb and probably doesn't make any sense, but I know there is one dumb !@# out there that thinks this would be a great direction for the franchise, and would probably even try to push for this kind of thing to happen.

Just be thankful that Blizzard isn't full of those guys.

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