Gearing in Diablo 2 was TOO EASY

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For the majority of people in D2 and LoD, I found that they created characters specifically for Mephisto runs, a completely broken game mechanic being that a boss who drops insane loot is kill-able by getting him stuck on a rock. Magic find gear predominantly sucked, and sucked hard, but it didn't matter if you didn't take any damage. I had a firewall sorc who found me 90% of the items I ever wanted off of one boss. Sure I did other runs, but the percentage of gear was mostly Meph. That's pretty damn broken if I say so myself. People are complaining here about how they have to trade because its not easy mode? What's wrong with you? Didn't you realize that if you got all the best loot in a week, the game would lose all of its value? I spent years playing D2, and collecting everything from the same boss was boring, but far more efficient than trading. Alas, that was a broken game mechanic. Now we have an auction house, which increases the efficiency of trading. Why didn't any one complain so much about Mephisto being so easy that they changed that? Gearing up was so ridiculously easy that every couple of levels you had unique items that made your character absolutely amazing. Level 40-50 barbs in hell difficulty absolutely dominating. I still remember that most rares pretty much sucked too, I sold rares time and time again, I'd get inventories full of them and join random games and drop them to lowbies, or I'd leave them on the ground to be destroyed when I left the game. Onward to our current D3, the loot is still reasonable, the market hasn't been filled with months upon months and years upon years of good drops yet. It is half a month into the game and y'all are crying that it's not good enough. This game is supposed to be a grind, it's supposed to take time, it's supposed to be frustrating, because if you weren't frustrated for a thousand hours before you finally got a drop that made you !@#$ yourself in glee, then you wouldn't appreciate it at all. Learn some life lessons kids. Personally, the percentage of rare drops to Legendary in D3 is what people aren't taking into consideration. You found how many rares? 2348 and you kept how many? 10 you say? wow... and you found 1 Legendary? and you ragequit because it wasnt god mode? I feel your frustration, I do, all of my Legendaries have sucked, they really have, but I'm going to be changing my shorts the minute I find one that doesn't suck. Lots of the good stuff sucked in D2, and sometimes the unique's had crappy stats on them too. The gear is different in D2 than in D3 but the idea is the same. Keep farming, and quit complaining. The gear is there, you just haven't found it yet. Eventually you'll be able to do inferno, if you keep farming, the fact that you spent 4 hours farming and got nothing means that, OH %^-* HERE'S A THOUGHT, it didn't drop yet. It can, and it will, be a little more persistent and try not to be so spoon fed. End game is supposed to be hard, and its for more than just casual gaming, if you don't like that, then don't try to play it.

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